Are Kool and the Gang still performing?

Are Kool and the Gang still performing?

Kool and the Gang and are one the greatest disco bands ever. Thankfully, they remain a highly active touring band.

Where is JT Taylor now?

Former Kool And The Gang singer James JT Taylor is nearing completion on his first solo album for 15 years, Classic Pop can reveal. Taylor is working with a series of producers on the new songs, having released his last album A Brand New Me in 2000.

Why did JT Taylor leave Kool and the Gang?

Taylor left The Gang amicably in 1989 to pursue a solo career and immediately scored an R&B; hit with “All I Want is Forever,” a duet with Regina Belle. Sales were lukewarm for follow-up solo efforts.

Who passed away from Kool and the Gang?

Dennis Thomas
Dennis Thomas, one of the founder members of 1970s and 80s soul-funk band Kool & the Gang, has died aged 70. He died “peacefully in his sleep” in New Jersey on Saturday, the band said in a Facebook statement.

How old is JT Taylor?

68 years (August 16, 1953)
James “J.T.” Taylor/Age

Who sang lead on Hollywood Swinging?

Kool & The Gang
Hollywood Swinging/Artists
The band’s keyboardist, Rick Westfield, sings lead on this and was also a driving force in creating the track, which tells the story of seeing Kool & the Gang live onstage and wanting to become “a bad piano-playing man.” Ronald Bell explained: “Rick wrote the verses, and it’s a true story.

Is Dennis dead?

Deceased (1951–2021)
Dennis D.T. Thomas/Living or Deceased

Who is JT Taylor married to?

Starleana Young
James “J.T.” Taylor/Spouse

Who Made Hollywood Swinging?

Hollywood Swinging/Artists

How old was James Taylor when he joined Kool and the gang?

Before his rise to fame, Taylor was a schoolteacher and amateur night club singer having first joined a band at the age of 13. He joined Kool & the Gang in 1978 and became the band’s lead singer in 1979.

How old is the lead singer of Kool and the gang?

Lead Singer J.T. From ‘Kool & the Gang’ Looks Great at 65 & Has a Beautiful Family. J.T Taylor, best known for singing with the band “Kool & the Gang” in the ’70s, seemed to have disappeared after leaving the band. He is already 65-years-old and has a beautiful family.

Where did J T Taylor grow up in?

Although he was born in South Carolina, Taylor grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey. He was the first and only singer they auditioned for lead singer. In 1988, Taylor amicably left Kool & the Gang to pursue a solo career and has released four solo albums to date.

When did James Taylor start his solo career?

Solo career. In 1988, Taylor amicably left Kool & the Gang to pursue a solo career and has released four solo albums to date. In 1989, he released his first solo album entitled Master of the Game which produced several hits including the album’s first single, “All I Want Is Forever”, a duet with Regina Belle.

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