Can I Rewax my Barbour?

Can I Rewax my Barbour?

We offer a very special service that allows our customers to return their beloved Barbour jacket* at any time to be re-waxed, repaired or altered. We recommend that you re-wax your jacket annually depending on wear and use a small re-wax for accessories which include waxed cotton hoods, belts and dog coats.

How do I know which Barbour jacket I have?

Take a Close Look at the Buttons. The buttons of every Barbour jacket are always embossed with the Barbour name, regardless of style. On a real Barbour jacket you will find the brand name applied in a circular design around the edges of the buttons.

What is Sylkoil?

Sylkoil is still waxed cotton and differs from traditional waxed cotton by having a slightly softer/napped feel and more of a matte appearance. I’m confident both get re-proofed with the same dressing and that both have reasonably similar wear patterns and, over time, need to be re-waxed to remain waterproof.

What is Barbour Thornproof dressing made of?

waxed cotton
A Barbour waxed jacket is made to last, to give you the enjoyment of tackling the great outdoors in your favourite jacket for longer. Crafted from waxed cotton, these jackets are renowned for their durability and weather resistant properties.

How do you date a Barbour jacket?

The answer is very simple: Just check the back of the white barcode label. The first two numbers right under the barcode indicate the year of production. This means that my new vintage jacket was made in 1994, so it is 19 years old.

Is Barbour waterproof?

#3 Are Barbour jackets waterproof? Yes, Barbour jackets are made for life in the great outdoors, and designed to be weatherproof.

Is a Barbour jacket worth it?

If you want a casual companion for your jeans, chinos, corduroys, sweaters, and cardigans, the Barbour waxed jacket is definitely worth it. Apart from that, there are also not many other companies to produce a lot of waxed jackets and not many of them have the same commitment to quality and durability as Barbour has.

Why are Barbour jackets waxed?

And the oily appeal of Barbour’s South Shields-made jackets can be found in its distinctive wax. Formulated to be waterproof, protective and restorative, this unique substance is both the key to the brand’s success and a fiercely guarded secret.

How good is Barbour?

Barbour makes jackets that are not only good to look at for decades, but built to withstand whatever kind of nonsense you throw at it over that time, too. Like a perfect pair of jeans, their natural fabrics only get better, more personalized, and more alive, with age.

Do Barbour jackets age well?

Barbour’s wax jackets are renowned for their durability. With weather-resistant properties and a patina that improves with age, they remain one of the toughest items of outerwear on the market.

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