Can velocity of a particle vary even if its speed is constant give example?

Can velocity of a particle vary even if its speed is constant give example?

Yes. Even though any object’s speed is constant, if it is not traveling in a straight line, the velocity can vary. For example :let us assume a car whose direction change almost at a fixed distance but it’s speed remains constant.

Can velocity change even if speed stays the same?

Note that the velocity of an object can change, even if its speed remains constant. For instance, when a car is going around a curve (like an entrance ramp on an interstate), it is accelerating – even if the speed of the car stays the same. Velocity changes when either speed or direction changes.

Can the velocity of a particle change if its speed is constant can the speed of a particle change if its velocity is constant if the answer to either question is yes give examples?

You are going on a highway at a constant velocity 100 mi/hr east, and since the velocity already includes speed as a magnitude, the speed is also constant but has no direction. Therefore, in this case the magnitude of velocity which is speed is constant, but the velocity changes due to the change in direction.

Can an object have constant speed and still have varying velocity explain?

A body can have a constant speed but a changing velocity because the direction can change while the speed is constant,,as u know speed is a scalar quantity and velocity is a vector quantity,,so we can say that.

What units is velocity measured in?

Since the derivative of the position with respect to time gives the change in position (in metres) divided by the change in time (in seconds), velocity is measured in metres per second (m/s).

Can velocity of a particle vary?

The velocity of a particle may vary even when its speed is constant.

Can an object have zero velocity and still have acceleration?

Answer: Yes, an object can have zero velocity and still be accelerating simultaneously. While observing the object, you will find that the object will continue to move forward for some time and then stops instantly.

Can a body have velocity without having acceleration?

Yes if the body is moving with constant velocity then acceleration is zero.

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