Did Pat Burns play hockey?

Did Pat Burns play hockey?

A former police officer in Gatineau, Que., Burns coached 14 seasons in the NHL from 1988-2004 and compiled a 501-350-161-14 record in 1,019 games with the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and the Devils. He missed the playoffs only once, in 1999-2000 with the Bruins.

Is Pat Burns still alive?

Deceased (1952–2010)
Pat Burns/Living or Deceased

Did Pat Burns ever win a Stanley Cup?

Burns is regarded as one of the National Hockey League’s best coaches, having won three Jack Adams Awards for coaching as well as the Stanley Cup in 2003 with the New Jersey Devils. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2014.

Did Pat Burns speak French?

After that, an unbroken line of fluent French speakers went from Jacques Lemaire to Jean Perron, Pat Burns, Jacques Demers, Jacques Laperriere (for one game), Mario Tremblay, Alain Vigneault, Michel Therrien, Claude Julien, Carbonneau and Martin, with two short terms in between for the bilingual Bob Gainey.

Is Pat Quinn dead?

November 23, 2014
Pat Quinn/Date of death

What NHL coach died recently?

John Muckler
EDMONTON, Alberta (AP) — John Muckler, who coached four NHL teams and won five Stanley Cup championships with the Edmonton Oilers, has died. He was 86. The Oilers confirmed Muckler’s death Monday night. No cause was given.

Is Pat Burns in the Hall of Fame?

Pat Burns/Hall of fame inductions

What famous athletes did Pat Quinn coach?

Quinn repeated his international success in 2004 by leading Team Canada to victory in hockey’s World Cup. Quinn coached five N.H.L. teams — the Philadelphia Flyers, the Los Angeles Kings, the Vancouver Canucks, the Maple Leafs and the Edmonton Oilers — over 21 seasons.

Has anyone died from the ice bucket challenge?

A number of participants have sustained injuries, and at least one death has been indirectly linked to the challenge, as a result of injuries sustained unrelated to the dumping of ice water, with another death thought to be caused by a variation on the challenge, jumping feet first into ice water.

How many kids did John Muckler?

Muckler was survived by his wife, Audrey and five children.

Who did John Muckler coach?

Buffalo SabresHead coach, 1991–1995
Edmonton OilersHead coach, 1989–1991
John Muckler/Teams coached

How many Stanley Cups did Pat Burns win?

Burns retired in 2005 after being diagnosed with recurring cancer, which eventually claimed his life five years later. In 2014, he was posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame….

Pat Burns
Stanley Cup wins 2003
Years as an NHL coach 1988–2004

When did Pat Burns become coach of the Montreal Canadiens?

Before the start of the 1987-88 NHL season, Montreal Canadiens general manager Serge Savard offered Burns the head coach position for the Sherbrooke Canadiens of the American Hockey League. Burns held the position for one year before being promoted to head coach of Montreal.

When did Pat Burns coach the Boston Bruins?

Burns took a year off from hockey before being hired to coach the Boston Bruins in 1997. He won the Jack Adams at the end of the season, making him the only coach in history to win the award three separate times. All three of his wins came in his introductory season with the team.

When did Pat Burns retire from the NHL?

Burns retired in 2005 after being diagnosed with recurring cancer, which eventually claimed his life five years later. In 2014, he was posthumously inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

When did Pat Burns win the Stanley Cup?

Burns won the Stanley Cup with the Devils in 2003, and is the only person in league history to win three Jack Adams Trophies, awarded to the NHL’s coach of the year.

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