Did the Spitfire have another name?

Did the Spitfire have another name?

It was Robert McLean, head of Vickers Aviation, who preferred the name Spitfire because it was a name he used for his daughter Annie, describing her as “a little spitfire”. The name was confirmed by the Air Ministry in 1936, much to Mitchell’s irritation. “He wanted the term Shrew to be adopted,” Beaver said.

What is the most famous Spitfire?

The classic and still-awesome clip was shot for use in a documentary about the Supermarine Spitfire on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary, which occurred in 1996. Flying the Spitfire, LF Mark IXb serial MH434, was Ray Hanna.

How many versions of Spitfire are there?

There were 24 marks of Spitfire and many sub-variants. These covered the Spitfire in development from the Merlin to Griffon engines, the high speed photo-reconnaissance variants and the different wing configurations.

What was the Spitfires original name?

the Shrew
3. The name ‘Spitfire’ was first applied to the unsuccessful prototype Type 224. The designer of the Spitfire (R.J Mitchell) wanted the aircraft to be called ‘the Shrew’ or ‘the Scarab’.

Why they call it a Spitfire?

It was named after the daughter of the manufacturer’s chairman. The Spitfire’s name is often assumed to derive from its ferocious firing capabilities. But it likely owes just as much to Sir Robert McLean’s pet name for his young daughter, Ann, who he called “the little spitfire”.

Which Spitfires had Griffon engines?

The Mk XII was the first Spitfire powered by a Griffon engine to go into service. The first of 100 Supermarine-built production aircraft started appearing in October 1942; two RAF squadrons in total were equipped with the XII.

What does being called a Spitfire mean?

: a quick-tempered or highly emotional person.

What is Spitfires nickname?

Nicknames. Unknown (whispered to Rainbow Dash), Sf (The Periodic Table of My Little Pony) Relatives. Stormy Flare (mother)

What is the fastest prop plane in the world?

Tupolev Tu-114
The world’s fastest propeller plane is the Russian-made Tupolev Tu-114, which has a maximum speed of 540 mph (869 kph). The Tupolev has held that record since 1960, even though another prop plane, the XF-84H Thunderscreech, was designed to fly at about 1,000 mph (1,609 kph).

Where did the name of the Spitfire come from?

Though it is assumed that ‘Spitfire’ came from the aeroplane’s awesome firing capabilities, it was also an Elizabethan word that meant someone who had a fiery character. The names Snipe and Shrew were also considered for the plane. Thankfully they went with Spitfire!

Are there any variants of the Supermarine Spitfire?

As a result, the later Seafire variants were usually heavier and, in the case of the Seafire XV/XVII and F. 47 series, they were very different aircraft to their land-based counterparts.

What was the Spitfire used for in the Royal Navy?

The Spitfire was also adopted for service on aircraft carriers of the Royal Navy; in this role they were renamed Supermarine Seafire.

Where was the Free French Spitfire group located?

Free French Spitfire Squadrons operated under RAF command, having its RAF squadron number and French Fighter group number: 340 (Free French) Squadron, G.C. IV/2 ‘Ile de France’, was formed in Scotland in November 1941.

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