How do you set up dual points?

How do you set up dual points?

To set dual point ignitions you first block the “secondary” point set. You can block it by either not having it in the distributor, or using a thin piece of cardboard such as a matchbook cover between the contacts of the secondary point set.

What is the advantage of a dual point distributor?

dual points is so the points can stay shut longer thus more coil saturation.. hotter spark. What he said, better coil saturation hence hotter spark.

What do points do in a distributor?

The points function as an on/off switch to supply voltage to the ignition coil. When closed, current flows to the coil. When open, current is interrupted. As the distributor shaft turns, the cam also turns.

How does a dual point distributor work?

With the dual points distributor, the first points set to close “makes” the circuit and will incur any ravages caused by a small amount of arcing when closing. The last points set to open “breaks” the circuit and will incur any ravages caused by a small amount of arcing when opening.

How does a points distributor work?

A cam in the center of the distributor pushes a lever connected to one of the points. Whenever the cam pushes the lever, it opens the points. This causes the coil to suddenly lose its ground, generating a high-voltage pulse. The points also control the timing of the spark.

What is the primary purpose of the dual point system?

Dual Point Counter Service is designed with customer service goals in mind, offering personalized one-on-one service to impress guests. Providing the best hospitality in the business, Dual Point can deliver faster service while building brand leadership and preparing for future growth.

Can you set the gap on a dual point distributor?

For Dual Point distributors there is a bit more effort involved. You can still set the point gap on the “primary” point set in the distributor (see note below), but you might as well forget the secondary point set at this moment. NOTE: Primary vs. Secondary (or trailing) point set.

How to measure the rotor to distributor gap?

Seems to me you could take any distributor cap and matching rotor, measure the distance from the center of the rotor to the tip and the distance across the cap from one contact to the opposite one and have your answer. And, condensers still do not need to be grounded.

How big should the points gap be on a magneto?

Points Gap It is very important to maintain the contact breaker points gap at the size recommended by the manufacturer. The recommended size usually covers a small range. Most common sizes are in the range 0.012″-0.015″ but ML used 0.010″ on their Maglitas and Eisemann specified 0.020″ for their AM magnetos.

What should the gap between ignition points be?

Setting the Point Gap Getting the best gap between the points is essential for engine performance and reliability. Set the points too wide and the spark plugs don’t get enough juice — your engine whimpers. Set them too close and the engine works fine for a few miles.

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