How do you use logically in a sentence?

How do you use logically in a sentence?

Logically sentence example

  1. If I had tried to figure it out logically , things might have fallen into place.
  2. Of course, logically he knew there was nothing she could do about it.
  3. From a material pressure within we logically infer a material pressure outside.

How do you use logical thinking in a sentence?

Example sentences logical thinking

  1. Today you can do some logical thinking instead of letting your emotions rule.
  2. Confidence and logical thinking helps in all you do.
  3. They say that employers probably value the skills maths teaches, of logical thinking, problem solving and statistical analysis.

What does it mean if something is logical?

1a(1) : of, relating to, involving, or being in accordance with logic a logical conclusion. (2) : skilled in logic. b : formally true or valid : analytic, deductive a logical statement. 2 : capable of reasoning or of using reason in an orderly cogent fashion a logical thinker.

What is logical sequence?

A logical sequence is a set of numbers, words, objects etc, following in a sequence with some sort of relation between two consecutive sets. Sometimes, it is also called a progression. Logical sequence of words is all about Consistent arrangement which is the important course of action of words.

How do you use logical in a sentence?

use “logically” in a sentence. One’s ability to reason logically and abstractly is increased through the study of mathematics. If you approach the situation logically, rather than emotionally, you can make a much fairer decision.

What are examples of logical arguments?

There are two types of logical arguments – deductive and inductive. Examples of these are: Deductive – This type of reasoning provides complete evidence of the truth of its conclusion. It uses a specific and accurate premise that leads to a specific and accurate conclusion.

What is a logical explanation?

logical explanation definition, logical explanation meaning | English dictionary. logical. 4 reasonable or necessary because of facts, events, etc. n one of the connectives of a given system of formal logic, esp. those of the sentential calculus, not, and, or, and if then

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