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How does Jing Mei change throughout the story?

How does Jing Mei change throughout the story?

In Amy Tan’s story “Two Kinds,” the daughter, Jing-Mei “June” Woo, changes from a child into a young woman. She reaches adulthood and a deeper understanding of her mother. But not only is she not a prodigy, she does not work hard or apply herself as her mother wants her to.

How does the mother’s behavior change in Two Kinds?

In Two Kinds, Jing-mei’s mother takes on a very dynamic change. From her earliest memory, Jing-mei remembers that her mother had a very vested interest in seeing her child have any sort of amazing talent. She would often watch Shirley Temple and ask Jing-mei to carefully observe her facial expressions.

How does the mother pressure daughter change?

In the story, one of the ways the mother pressures her daughter, Jing Mei, to change is by requiring her to watch old Shirley Temple movies as if they are “training films.” Jing Mei’s mother even forces Jing Mei to have her hair cut so that she can look like the child star.

What are the two kinds of daughters?

The title “Two Kinds” is referred to by Jing-Mei’s mother when she states that there are only two kinds of daughters: “Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind!” She gives an example of the kind of daughter that she wants Jing-Mei to be, versus the kind that Jing-Mei is being.

What is the relationship between a mother and her daughter?

A mother is the first friend of her daughter, who guides her throughout lives. If you have a daughter, make sure you be there for her always and support her in all walks of life.

Why Jing Mei’s mother exerts pressure on her daughter?

This makes Jing-mei’s mother jealous. The two mothers are in competition and this puts pressure on their daughters: In this story, the narrator, Jing-mei, resists her overbearing mother’s desire to make her into a musical prodigy in order to compete with one of her friend’s daughters.

What actually happened to suyuan Woo’s two infant daughters?

On the eve of their departure, Daisy revealed that somewhere in China, she had three daughters from an earlier marriage — daughters lost to her when political ties were severed between the U.S. and China in 1949. In the novel, Suyuan loses two daughters and does not live long enough to be reunited with them.

Can a mother change her daughter in a relationship?

In any relationship, you can’t change another person. You can only change yourself and your responses to that person. And this certainly applies in the mother-daughter relationship, even when it is your first and often longest relationship.

What’s the relationship between a mother and daughter in two kinds?

Amy Chua writes an excerpt called “The Violin” in her memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom about raising her daughters the way she thinks is best. Amy Tan writes an excerpt called “Jing-Mei Woo: Two Kinds” in her novel The Joy Luck Club which is about her mother and hers relationship when she was a child.

Do you think of your mother as a daughter?

And this certainly applies in the mother-daughter relationship, even when it is your first and often longest relationship. If you try to think of your mother in a more objective way, as a woman rather than your mother, then perhaps you can gain some perspective.

What is the theme of mother and daughter?

Thus this “battle of wills” between mother and daughter sets the conflict of the story. The theme seems to be about how the expectations of a parent can lead to resentment from the child when the child fails to meet those expectations. The theme is partially set in the opening paragraph with the statement, “My mother…show more content…

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