How fast does a 425 four wheeler go?

How fast does a 425 four wheeler go?

Registered. My stock 425 4×4 will run about 60mph.

What year did they make the Polaris Xpedition 425?

The recalled ATVs are the 2000, 2001 and 2002 model year “Xpedition 425” with 5-speed manual transmissions.

What years did Polaris make the Magnum 425?

Starting in 1995 with the Polaris Magnum 425 4-stroke ATV and in 1997, with the introduction of the “twin 700” snowmobile engine Polaris started the development and production of in-house produced power plants, known as the “Liberty” line of engines, now found in many models across their current production lines.

How do you put a Polaris Xpedition 425 in reverse?

if the reverse actuator is working properly, put it in nuetral,hold in override button(this activates the actuator),and one push down on the foot shift and viola ,you’re in reverse.

How much does a Polaris Magnum 425 weight?

Introducing the new 4-stroke Magnum. Wheelbase 49.75″ 49.75″ Turning Radius Dry Weight 534 lbs.

What year did Polaris make the expedition?

The Polaris expedition of 1871–1873 was one of the first serious attempts to reach the North Pole after that of British naval officer Sir Edward Parry, who reached 82° 45′ N in 1827. Funded by the U.S. government, the expedition’s notable achievement was reaching 82° 29′ N by ship, a record at the time.

What does override mean on a 4 wheeler?

The override button on your multi-function switch, overrides the rpm limiter function when riding in reverse, so you are able to have full throttle, otherwise the rpm is limited when driving in reverse.

What coolant does Polaris 425 Magnum use?

Fluid Specs The engine holds 5.5 qts. (5.2 L) of Polaris’ 0W/40 Synthetic Engine Lubricant, and requires 2.25 qts. (2.1 L) 60/40 mixture of antifreeze/coolant.

What kind of transmission does a Polaris Xpedition 425 have?

The Xpedition 425 4×4 combines a powerful Polaris 425 engine with the Shaft Ride System, intelligent On-Demand true 4-wheel drive, and a 5-speed manual transmission, with automatic clutch and E-Z Shift reverse. The first Polaris model to utilize a manual transmission, the Xpedition 425 4×4 is idea for heavy work, trail riding, and hunting.

How does Polaris 4 wheel drive system work?

The Polaris 4-wheel drive system senses when the rear wheels start to lose traction, and instantly and automatically engages both front wheels with full torque using shaft drive. The long-travel, progressive rate swing arm rear suspension has a 2-inch, gas-charged Bilstein® shock with traction line mount.

What does the Polaris E-Z Shift reverse do?

Polaris-exclusive E-Z Shift Reverse lets a rider shift into reverse quickly and easily. When conditions call for additional traction, a rider uses a handlebar switch to activate the intelligent On-Demand 4-wheel drive system.

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