How many crew members were on the Titanic when it sank?

How many crew members were on the Titanic when it sank?

Crew Statistics 908 – the total number of crew members on board the RMS Titanic. 696 – the number of crew members who perished. 212 – the number of crew members who survived. 76% – the percentage of crew members who died, a higher death rate even than third class.

Who was pregnant on Titanic?

Madeleine Astor, then five months pregnant, boarded the Titanic as a first-class passenger in Cherbourg, France, with her husband; her husband’s valet, Victor Robbins; her maid, Rosalie Bidois; and her nurse, Caroline Endres.

How many people survived the sinking of the Titanic?

Almost 60% of the first-class passengers survived. About 42% of second-class passengers were rescued. Only about 26% of third-class passengers managed to survive the tragedy. On April 15, 1912, the unsinkable ship sunk.

How many passengers were on board the Titanic?

The Titanic was carrying 2,223 passengers on board when it sank, and out of those 1,517 died. The guests were split into first, second, and third class, and the higher classes had an advantage when it came to boarding lifeboats and being closer to the top of the deck where the lifeboats were being deployed.

How many people died on the Titanic third class?

Third-class passengers accounted for the largest loss of life among the passengers with 536. The ship’s crew suffered the most, losing over three-fourths of their numbers with 685 casualties. The search and rescue team recovered only 306 bodies.

What was the cause of the sinking of the Titanic?

Sinking of the Titanic. Bulkheads, watertight walls in the compartments meant to keep water from flooding the rest of the ship, were not tall enough to contain the water in the damaged compartments. In just over two and a half hours, the Titanic filled with water and sank. On the deck, the Titanic’s crew helped passengers into the lifeboats.

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