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How much is a 1899 Liberty gold coin worth?

How much is a 1899 Liberty gold coin worth?

Pricing the 1899 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin

1899 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin N/A $1,485
1899 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin (S) N/A $1,485
Source: Red Book

How much is a 1899 gold double eagle worth? has estimated the 1899 Liberty Head Double Eagle value at an average of $1900.00, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $10,000. (see details)…

How much is an 1899 sovereign worth?

EF – Unc (Melbourne Mint)*

Date Mint Price $
1899 L $294
1899 M $595
1899 P $920
1899 P $675

How much is a $10 gold Liberty coin worth?

The melt value of one $10 Liberty Eagle Gold Coin Random Year coin is $869.70 based on the current gold spot price.

What is the value of a 1899 gold coin?

Here’s a rundown of the mintages and values of the 1899 Liberty Head gold eagles: * Values are for coins grading Very Fine 20 unless otherwise noted. Christian Gobrecht designed 1899 Liberty Head $10 gold eagles, a coin type that was first released in 1838.

How old is an 1899 Liberty Head coin?

It therefore makes sense from the perspective of the purchaser to buy 1899 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coins that have been certified by reputable third-party coin authentication firms. If you are talking about a coin that is more than 100 years old, you must first assess the condition of the coin.

How can I find out how much a coin is worth?

There are many guides available that can help you determine the value of a coins. I usually use a combination of coin books and online coin value guides to help me derive a price estimation for those who ask me what their coins are worth. We at The Fun Times Guide to Coins have a wealth of updated coin value information for you to enjoy.

Is it safe to buy coins at face value?

Don’t take them to a pawn shop, don’t take them to a “Cash 4 Gold” type of store (unless they are Cull), and for heavens sake..don’t spend them at face value. If you are a coin expert and find our prices or other details off the mark, please suggest changes in the user section and we will make them.

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