How much is John Key Worth?

How much is John Key Worth?

Personal wealth He had an estimated wealth of NZ$50 million, which made him the wealthiest New Zealand Member of Parliament. In the 2016 NBR Rich List, Key had an estimated wealth of NZ$60 million.

Who is John Keys son?

Max Key
John Key/Sons

How old is Max key?

About 26 years (May 1995)
Max Key/Age

Who is John Keys wife?

Bronagh Keym. 1984
John Key/Wife

Does Bill Gates have a house in New Zealand?

Another hedge fund billionaire, Paul Tudor Jones II, has large properties in New Zealand. Bill Gates has property in Nelson, New Zealand’s sunniest region, at the northwestern tip of South Island.

Who is Max keys girlfriend?

Amelia Finlayson and her boyfriend Max Key. The teenage girlfriend of Prime Minister John Key’s son Max last night missed out taking top place in the Miss Auckland beauty pageant. Instead, Amelia Finlayson had to settle for third runner-up.

Who owns Pepin Island?

A wealthy German businessman has bought Nelson’s Pepin Island. Tobias Janke, who lives in Auckland, bought the island under the trust Invictus Investment Trustees Limited in May, with the title officially transferring in July. Pepin Island is a 518-hectare property in Nelson’s Cable Bay.

Who is Amelia Finlayson?

Amelia Finlayson has been called out for publishing a photo of herself covering her nose and mouth due to her proximity to a coughing person she labelled “Chinese”. Finlayson, who featured in reality TV series BossBabes, has been described as a “socialite, influencer and journalist” by NZME.

How much did John Keys house sell for?

Former PM Sir John and his wife Bronagh sold the Parnell mansion for $23.5 million in 2017 to a buyer reportedly out of China, but neighbours have said they were yet to see anyone move in since the sale.

What is the wealthiest town in New Zealand?

The data puts Herne Bay firmly in the number one spot as the most expensive suburb in the country, with a median price of $3.03 million in January 2021. That’s the result of a 20.1 per cent increase in price from January 2020 and makes it New Zealand’s first $3 million plus suburb.

Who is the owner of Sir John Keys House?

The Parnell home of ex-Prime Minister Sir John Key and wife Bronagh has finally gone through from $23.5 million, after a two-year settlement. Owner status on the title to 103 St Stephens Ave has transferred from two men who were previously reported as acting for the Keys – Ian Andrew Nugent and Kenneth Grey Whitney – to Lianzhong Chen.

How much did Sir John Keys Parnell House sell for?

According to QV, the highest confirmed sale over the past two years in Parnell was down the road from the Keys at 141 St Stephens Avenue, which sold in 2015 for $10,088,00. Therefore, once confirmed, the sale of the Keys’ plush property will be a Parnell record.

How big is the key mansion in Auckland?

The six-bedroom pad on Saint Stephen’s Avenue sprawls across three original sections, totalling 2340sqm. Nestled amongst some of the most exclusive real estate in Auckland, the mega-mansion affectionately dubbed ‘Klub Key’ by son Max hosted many high profile political meet-and-greets, family celebrations and Instagram-worthy pool parties.

How much is the keys to the island worth?

The Keys will keep a small portion of the land – believed to be worth $4m in itself. While there are no property records for when the Keys took up residence around 2002, data from property analytics provider QV show the three sections were together valued at $13m as of July 2014.

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