How tall is Kurt Nightcrawler?

How tall is Kurt Nightcrawler?

Kurt Wagner

Biographical information
Species Human (Mutant)
Gender Male
Height 5’9″

How old was Kitty Pryde in Xmen evolution?

15 – 18

Real Name: Kitty Pryde
Alias: Shadowcat Half-Pint Pretty Kitty
Age: 15 – 18
Species: Mutant

How old is Nightcrawler in x2?

fourteen years old
The Ultimate version of Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) is a much more militant young mutant, only fourteen years old when first introduced. His first appearances have him forced to battle the X-Men alongside a team of Weapon X agents.

Is Nightcrawler related to Mystique?

In the comics, the mutant Nightcrawler is the son of Raven Darkholme (a.k.a. Mystique) and Azazel.

Why can’t Kitty Pryde enter Krakoa?

But now, most inconveniently, just one of the X-Men is unable to use the Krakoan gates. The most likely explanation is that Krakoa can sense that Kitty isn’t a mutant at all, and denies her access. If this theory is true, then someone genetically modified a teenage girl in order to catch Charles Xavier’s attention.

What happened to Jean Gray in X2?

When Logan manages to break through to Jean, she begs him to stop her. In tears, declaring his love to her, Wolverine stabs Jean Grey, killing her and putting an end to the destruction.

Who is Nightcrawler in the X Men?

Nightcrawler is a member of the X-Men. He is the son of Mystique, one of the group’s main adversaries and learned of their relation sometime after joining the group. He struggled with insecurities, which manifested from a childhood of discrimination based on his appearance.

What are the physical characteristics of Nightcrawler?

Nightcrawler 1 Characteristics 2 Origin. Kurt Wagner was born with certain unusual physical characteristics, Margali Szardos, a sorceress and gypsy queen, allegedly found Wagner an hour after his birth in a bath, in a 3 Powers and Abilities. 4 Paraphernalia.

Is the Nightcrawler a Marvel or DC hero?

Whether you prefer DC or Marvel is still one of the most contentious issues in the world of comics, so you can still be hard-pressed to find fans with allegiance to both companies, let alone heroes with connections to both groups. Yet Nightcrawler is one of those rare heroes who actually traces his roots to Marvel’s opposition.

Who was Nightcrawler’s foster mother in X Men?

Wagner was never legally adopted by anyone, but was raised by all the members of the circus, who had no prejudices against mutants. Margali acted as Wagner’s unofficial foster mother. Wagner grew up happily in the circus, and his two closest friends were Margali’s children Stefan and Jimaine.

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