Is a 2001 Mazda Protege a good car?

Is a 2001 Mazda Protege a good car?

2001 Protege LX 2.0 was average car This car was a great value, although I found the build quality to be only average. This car was properly maintained, but began to exhibit problems with the engine/and or sensors around 90,000K miles.

What is the most fuel efficient Mazda?

Which Mazda Models Offer the Best Fuel Efficiency?

  • Mazda CX-3 Fuel Efficiency: EPA-estimated 29 mpg/city and 34 mpg/highway*
  • Mazda3 Fuel Efficiency: EPA-estimated 26 mpg/city and 35 mpg/highway**
  • Mazda6 Fuel Efficiency: EPA-estimated 26 mpg/city and 35 mpg/highway***

What car has 50 miles per gallon?

2022 Toyota Prius Eco You can even get one with all-wheel drive and 50 mpg, or in plug-in Prime guise, with 25 all-electric miles and 54 mpg as a hybrid. The Prius maintains a strong reputation for longevity and reliability, though it’s lost some of its green-car luster as of late.

How many miles per gallon do you get?

To figure the gas mileage, you would need to determine how many miles you traveled on 1 gallon of gas. You would need to divide 1000 miles by 50 gallons of gas. That would equal 20; therefore, you traveled 20 miles for every 1 gallon of gas.

How much is a 2001 Mazda worth?

2001 Mazda B-Series Value – $311-$2,662 | Edmunds.

What type of oil does a 2001 Mazda Protege take?

Engine Oil

Viscosity: 10W-30 (Above -25) SAE 10W-30 is preferred. 5W-30 (Below 0)
Capacity: 3.1 quarts (with filter)After refill check oil level.
Torque: 22-30 ft/lbs (Oil Drain Plug)

How long do Mazdas last mileage?

Like most modern cars, the Mazda 3 should last you at least 150,000 – 200,000 miles if well maintained and regularly serviced. Most Americans drive an average of 13,500 miles per year. Based on this, your Mazda3 should last at least 10-15 years.

Do Mazdas have good mileage?

Earlier this month the United States Environmental Protection Agency named Mazda the most fuel efficient vehicle manufacturer in the country, with an average combined gas mileage of 29.6 miles per gallon. A big reason for this is the SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY suite, which is present on all new Mazda models.

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