Is distance a verb or noun?

Is distance a verb or noun?

distance (verb) distance learning (noun) hailing distance (noun) long–distance (adjective)

What type of noun is distance?

distance used as a noun: The amount of space between two points, usually geographical points, usually (but not necessarily) measured along a straight line. “The distance to Petersborough is thirty miles.”

Is distance a noun adjective or verb?

distance ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌‌‌ ​noun. UK /ˈdɪstəns/ distance verb. distance adjective. long-distance adjective.

Is distance an adjective?

DISTANCE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is distance in one word?

noun. the extent or amount of space between two things, points, lines, etc. the state or fact of being apart in space, as of one thing from another; remoteness. a linear extent of space: Seven miles is a distance too great to walk in an hour. an expanse; area: A vast distance of water surrounded the ship.

What is the verb of distance?

distanced; distancing. Definition of distance (Entry 2 of 3) transitive verb. 1 : to make or maintain a personal or emotional separation from : to place or keep at a distance able to distance themselves from the tragedy distances herself from her coworkers.

Is distance an abstract noun?

distance is the abstract noun for distant.

How do you use the word distance in a sentence?

Distance sentence example

  1. She kept her distance from him.
  2. We were sitting together in a hammock which swung from two solemn pines at a short distance from the house.
  3. A horse and rider could cover more distance in a day that the mules could pulling the heavy freight wagons.

What is distance short?

Distance is an amount of space between things. The noun distance usually refers to physical space in between two objects, like the distance between your parking spot and the entrance to the mall. It can also mean an interval in time, like a distance of two years since you graduated.

What does a mean distance mean?

Definition of mean distance. : the arithmetical mean of the maximum and minimum distances of an orbiting celestial object from its primary.

What is the meaning of “going the distance”?

Define Going the Distance. Going the Distance synonyms, Going the Distance pronunciation, Going the Distance translation, English dictionary definition of Going the Distance. n. 1. The extent of space between two objects or places; an intervening space. 2. The fact or condition of being apart in space; remoteness. 3.

What does in the distance mean?

distance(Noun) The amount of space between two points, usually geographical points, usually (but not necessarily) measured along a straight line. distance(Noun) The entire amount of space to the objective. He had promised to perform this task, but did not go the distance.

What is the equation for total distance?

The equation d=rt represents the formula for total distance traveled. The distance traveled, d, is equal to the rate of travel, r, multiplied by the time of travel, t.

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