Is German a last name?

Is German a last name?

Last name: German Recorded in many spelling forms including German, Germann, Germain, Germing, Jerman, Jarman, Jarmain, Jarmains, Jermyn etc.

Where does the name Sturdivant come from?

English: apparently a nickname for a hasty individual, from Middle English stert(en) ‘to start or leap’ + Anglo-Norman French avaunt ‘forward’.

Is Vetter a German last name?

German: nickname from Middle High German veter(e) ‘uncle’, ‘nephew’.

What does Beck mean in German?

Beck is a surname of Germanic and Hebrew descent, meaning “brook”, “stream” (related to Old Norse bekkr) or “martyr” (Hebrew) and is fairly common in English and Slavic speaking countries, Germany (equivalent to Bach) and Denmark.

What type of name is Sturdivant?

Sturdivant means ‘one who was a messenger’.

What kind of last name is Sturdivant?

The surname of STURDIVANT was a nickname given to a messenger, the surname literally meaning ‘start forward’.

What nationality is the last name Vetter?


Language(s) German
Meaning cousin
Region of origin Germany
Other names

What kind of name is Vetter?

German: nickname from Middle High German veter(e) ‘uncle’, ‘nephew’. The word is from Old High German fetiro (a derivative of fater ‘father’), which was used more generally to denote various male relatives; the meaning of modern German Vetter is ‘cousin’.

Where does your last name come from in Germany?

She has a teaching degree and an M.A. in German studies. German last names originate from places and professions in Germany and far beyond, as a list of 100 of the most common German surnames shows. The list was initially created by searching for the most common last names in German telephone books.

What does the last name Bauknecht mean in German?

While the English version is symbolic of the legendary European city of Bath, the German version signifies the element Badu which stands for battle. 27. Bauknecht Originally meaning ‘farmhand’ in German, this name signifies versatility, dexterity, and physical suppleness. It is an exotic-sounding name that will turn many heads.

What does the last name Alt mean in German?

‘Alt’ means old in German, and ‘hof’ is a farm. By the old farmstead in tranquil -this name is for your little one that loves peace. 10. Alter Of Jewish origin, and an inflected form of the eponymous Yiddish name- the name Alter is believed to confuse the Angel of Death. 11. Appelhans

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