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Is Guadeloupe dependent?

Is Guadeloupe dependent?

In 1674 Guadeloupe passed from the hands of chartered companies, which had been ruined in successive attempts to colonize the islands, to the authority of the French crown. It became a dependency of Martinique, which it remained until 1775.

What is Guadeloupe best known for?

Guadeloupe is known for

  • Beaches. Grande Anse Perhaps Guadeloupe’s best beach, with golden sand, huge palms and calm azure waters.
  • Scenery. Pointe des Châteaux A craggy peninsula with some superb sandy coves and a dramatic cross-crowned cliff.
  • Islands.
  • Rum.

Who are the colonizers of Guadeloupe?

Although the islands were later discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the Spanish held little interest in establishing a stronghold there. However, the French colonized Guadeloupe in 1635, eliminating the Caribs and bringing in African slaves to help establish sugarcane plantations.

How many islands make up Guadeloupe?

An overseas region of France, The Guadeloupe Islands are an archipelago covering some 630 square miles and made up of five main islands. A bridge connects the two most populated ones, Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, while Marie-Galante, Les Saintes (actually a miniature archipelago of its own), and La.

How safe is Guadeloupe for tourists?

Guadeloupe is generally a safe place to travel and the vast majority of visits are uneventful. Occasional islandwide strikes can grind tourism services to a screeching halt. Mosquitoes pose the biggest danger on Guadeloupe as they carry the Zika virus and dengue fever.

Is Guadeloupe a safe place to live?

Is Guadeloupe safe to visit? The crime rate is low in this country, and most travellers find no problems. However, small crimes can happen, such as thefts that can occur in any tourist area. You should always be vigilant for your safety so keep your valuables out of sight to avoid being an easy target.

Do they speak English in Guadeloupe?

The island of Guadeloupe. The official language of the small Caribbean country of Guadeloupe is French, although Creole is also commonly spoken. English is also spoken although the numbers are low compared to French and Creole.

Where are the three dependencies of Guadeloupe located?

The dependencies of Guadeloupe are three islands or island groups in the Leeward Islands chain which are administratively part of the neighboring French overseas department of Guadeloupe in the French Lesser Antilles. They are nearby island entities to the south and east of Guadeloupe island.

What’s the difference between Guadeloupe and the islands?

The unofficial expressions Archipelago of Guadeloupe and Islands of Guadeloupe, which remain only an administrative reality, serve to differentiate the department of Guadeloupe (the French institutional entity including Guadeloupe island and its dependencies) and the two islands of Guadeloupe itself.

When did Guadeloupe become an overseas territory of France?

Formerly part of the region of Guadeloupe, it became a separate overseas collective in 2003. The French side makes up about 60% of the area and 55% of the population of the island.

What kind of culture does Guadeloupe have?

Although it is a French island, Guadeloupe’s people, personality and culture are the result of a harmonious blending of European, African and East Indian origins. A French sense of style and joie de vivre permeate the culture.

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