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Is Long Island Sound contaminated?

Is Long Island Sound contaminated?

Parts of Long Island Sound are so polluted that it faces severe long-term environmental damage, say scientists, government officials and conservation groups. ”Some people have said that Long Island Sound is dead,” said the New York State Marine and Coastal Resources Director, Gordon Colvin.

Why is the Long Island Sound so polluted?

Urban runoff, combined sewer overflows, and stormwater discharges are the third most significant source of toxic substances. They are potentially significant sources of some toxic substances, such as lead, PCBs, and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and may locally affect Long Island Sound’s waters and biota.

Is Long Island Sound clean?

While Long Island Sound’s water is getting cleaner, the Sound still suffers from hypoxic “dead zones,” beach closures, and other effects of contamination that keeps the Sound from meeting water quality standards.

What are the major sources of contamination in Long Island Sound?

The Cause of the Problem Pathogens in Long Island Sound originate from untreated or inadequately treated human sewage and wild and domestic animal wastes. They enter the Sound from point and nonpoint discharges.

What are the problems with the Long Island Sound?

The Long Island Sound estuary annually suffers from low dissolved oxygen conditions because of nutrient pollution – from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, atmospheric deposition, fertilizer and animal waste – from New York City, Long Island and Connecticut.

Is the Long Island Sound healthy?

The biggest overall problem impacting the health of Long Island Sound is high levels of nitrogen and other nutrients, which contribute to dead zones, algae blooms, and marsh damage. Progress has been made in reducing nitrogen, especially from wastewater treatment plants—but further reductions are needed!

How Safe Is Long Island water?

Is our water safe to drink? Absolutely! The water we deliver to our customers must meet very strict standards established by New York State, and New York State’s water quality standards are among the strictest in the United States.

Can I eat fish from Long Island Sound?

Most fish in Long Island Sound are safe to eat except for restrictions on striped bass, bluefish, and weakfish. Bluefish between 13 and 14 inches can be eaten once a month by all groups, according to state officials. Anglers also have one option to make sure their fish comes from the cleanest waters.

Is Long Island Sound healthy?

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