Is MXit a popular social network site in South Africa?

Is MXit a popular social network site in South Africa?

Mobile network Mxit claims to have nearly 10 million users in the country, making it South Africa’s most popular social media platform by far, eclipsing Facebook’s six million users and Twitter’s 1.1 million subscribers.

What is the MXit language?

MXit is a mobile instant messaging system which originated in South Africa and is expanding to other countries. Dr Math is a mobile tutoring system which uses MXit as a communication protocol. The pupils use MXit on their cell phones and the tutors use traditional Internet workstations.

What do you need to know about Mxit app?

In addition to one-on-one and group chat functions, Mxit offered public chat zones, as well as apps and a games ecosystem. Mxit was available on a variety of mobile and computing platforms, each independently developed for the platform. Those were: Mxit operated in many international markets.

Why did Mxit lose most of its users?

A recent MyBroadband article cites a “well-placed industry” source who said that Mxit now has fewer than one-million active users and is losing 10% of its user base every month. One possible reason for the decline was the promotion introduced by network operator Cell C in 2014 to make instant messaging service WhatsApp free to its users.

Where did the company Mxit get its name?

Mxit originates from Stellenbosch, a university town in South Africa. In 1997, Herman Heunis established Swist Group Technologies and focused primarily on the mobile telecommunications industry, developing software and providing system support to large Telco’s.

How many people use Mxit in South Africa?

At its peak, Mxit claimed to have 50-million registered users around the globe and 17-million active users in South Africa alone. By July 2014, the last time Mxit released any official user numbers, the latter number had plummeted to 4.9-million.

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