Is Saint-Martin part of Guadeloupe?

Is Saint-Martin part of Guadeloupe?

Saint Martin was for many years a French commune, forming part of Guadeloupe, which is an overseas région and département of France. In 2003 the population of the French part of the island voted in favour of secession from Guadeloupe in order to form a separate overseas collectivity (COM) of France.

Is St Martin a French territory?

The French (northern) part of the island, Saint-Martin, has beaches and forest-covered hills. It formerly belonged to the French overseas département of Guadeloupe but attained separate status as an overseas collectivity of France in 2007.

What is the French side of St Martin known for?

The island’s French side is known for its nude beaches, clothes, shopping (including outdoor markets), and French and Indian Caribbean cuisine. English is the most commonly spoken language along with a local dialect. The official languages are French for Saint-Martin, and Dutch for Sint Maarten.

What is the difference between the French and Dutch side of St Maarten?

Both are the same island, despite the two different spellings. The difference really only refers to location. French is the official language of St. Martin and Dutch is the official language of St.

Who owns St Martin?

The country of St Maarten is situated on the southern part of the island of Saint Martin. The northern part is an overseas territory of France.

Which is better the French or Dutch side of St Martin?

Along with its selection of bars and nightclubs, the Dutch side of Sint Maarten has a more animated vibe than its French counterpart, as a result of the number of nightlife options and amount of tourists consistently flowing into Philipsburg.

Is St Maarten expensive to visit?

The island is one of the cheaper to reach from both North America and Europe, and there are many direct flights from both continents. Prices in general tend to be in the mid-range for the Caribbean, so it’s not ideal for budget travelers unless you find a good package deal in advance.

What is the difference between the French and Dutch side of St. Maarten?

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