Is sincerity an adjective or a noun?

Is sincerity an adjective or a noun?

noun. /sɪnˈserəti/ /sɪnˈserəti/ [uncountable] ​the quality of showing or saying what you really think or feel.

Is sincerity an adjective?

adjective, sin·cer·er, sin·cer·est. free of deceit, hypocrisy, or falseness; earnest: a sincere apology. genuine; real: a sincere effort to improve; a sincere friend.

Which kind of noun is sincerity?

the abstract noun of the adjective sincere is sincerity.

Why is sincerity a noun?

The quality or state of being sincere; honesty of mind or intention; freedom from simulation, hypocrisy, disguise, or false pretense.

Is sincerity a noun or a verb?

SINCERITY (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What word is sincere?

sincere, wholehearted, heartfelt, hearty, unfeigned mean genuine in feeling. sincere stresses absence of hypocrisy, feigning, or any falsifying embellishment or exaggeration. a sincere apology wholehearted suggests sincerity and earnest devotion without reservation or misgiving.

Which is the best definition of the word sincerity?

: the quality or state of being sincere : honesty of mind : freedom from hypocrisy.

When is the best time to show sincerity?

— Matthew J. Palm,, 15 May 2021 That’s an excellent time to kick off important projects and make commitments, because your sincerity and wisdom will likely be rewarded.

Which is the best example of sincerity in music?

Recent Examples on the Web Cottrill’s music is rooted in almost stunning sincerity. — Angie Martoccio, Rolling Stone, 8 July 2021 Several other Republican senators joined Romney in vouching for the President’s sincerity after his weekend clean-up effort. — Stephen Collinson, CNN, 28 June 2021

What’s the definition of sincerity in Taylor Swift?

— Tribune Content Agency, oregonlive, 16 Apr. 2021 Taylor Swift put on display the things we’re taught to hate in women and taught to hate in ourselves as women — sincerity, pettiness, confidence, sentimentality, vulnerability. — Abigail Rosenthal, Chron, 9 Apr. 2021

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