Make better PowerPoint presentations with the new ShapeChef

Make better PowerPoint presentations with the new ShapeChef

Make better PowerPoint presentations with the new ShapeChef

A presentation is a great way to get a message across to others. Classrooms and businesses often employ presentations as the preferred medium of sharing knowledge. When it comes to making presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly the best piece of software available.

The powerful software utilizes graphics in order to create a presentation. Although audio and even video files can be embedded in the slides in PowerPoint, graphical items like shapes and charts are mostly used.

PowerPoint by default offers a good selection of graphical shapes to be used in presentations. There are times, however, when it seems that the range is not quite enough. This is where ShapeChef comes in.

What is ShapeChef?

ShapeChef is a tool which is used in conjunction with Microsoft PowerPoint. It is an easy solution to getting new shapes to use in presentations. New shapes can be downloaded and added at the click of a button.

ShapeChef not allows you to download new shapes but it also allows you to upload your own custom shapes. This small application allows you get access to thousands of icons and images, of excellent quality, which are hosted by ShapeChef. Most of these are free while others need to be purchased with a small fee.

Use ShapeChef as an Organiser

ShapeChef has an easy instant search option. You can easily search for hundreds of shapes and images in ShapeChef. A list of items is instantly created as you type into the search box.

All of the images and shapes in ShapeChef can be easily and neatly organised into several categories. This will allow you to get faster access to the particular image you want to use.

ShapeChef can also function as a manager for clipart, images, shapes, diagrams and other graphical items. You will never have to fumble for a diagram used in a previous presentation anymore.

All diagrams used in any PowerPoint presentation can be accessed through ShapeChef. ShapeChef saves them automatically. All you need to do is organise the various items. ShapeChef also provides the use of keywords to help you categorise your graphics in a faster and more efficient way.

Cloud Services

ShapeChef also offers cloud services. This means that your graphic items can be accessed from any computer you want. You can also allow other users to browse through your collections. This is especially helpful if you are a part of a bigger organisation.

Other users can make changes to your collection and new items. If you choose you can give them access to only browse your collections. They will not be able to make changes if you want.


ShapeChef is fully compatible with the latest edition of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. It is also compatible with the 2007 and 2010 editions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

So far, ShapeChef is unavailable for the Mac edition of Microsoft Office. This is because of the difference in the interfaces used by the two editions of Microsoft Office.

Pricing and Discounts

The price of ShapeChef depends on the number of users that are going to use the application. For example, a license for a single individual is only $ 39.99 but for 50 users it is $ 1399.50.

Overall, the price for the 50 users’ license is low because there is a discount of 30%. ShapeChef also offers discounts of 40% to institutions of an academic nature. Even non-profit organisations are entitled to this discount.

Students can also avail of this fantastic discount. These organisations or individuals need to furnish proof of their status before they can get the discount. ShapeChef also allows users a trial period of 30 days to assess the application.

Make better PowerPoint presentations with the new ShapeChef


Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful piece of software which can help you create top quality presentations easily. ShapeChef helps to make Microsoft PowerPoint even better.

The excellent filtering and organisational abilities make it a wonderful companion to Microsoft PowerPoint. The default clipart manager lacks finesse and certain important features like keywords. ShapeChef removes these problems completely.

Moreover, it gives access to even more designs and graphics. The wide range of graphics can help make your presentation more interesting than before. ShapeChef will be a boon for all those who need to make presentations on a regular basis.

Download your copy now to try it out!

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