What animals lived during the Cambrian period?

What animals lived during the Cambrian period?

During the Cambrian there were more than 100 types of trilobites. There were plenty of other species living during the Cambrian Period also. Mollusks, worms, sponges and echinoderms filled the Cambrian seas. There were other living things present then that don’t fit into any of the categories we know about today.

What fossils were found in the Cambrian period?

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What comes after the Cambrian Period?

The end of the Cambrian Period is marked by evidence in the fossil record of a mass extinction event about 490 million years ago. The Cambrian Period was followed by the Ordovician Period.

What was the dominant species during the Cambrian explosion?

The Cambrian Explosion was a dramatic burst of evolutionary changes in life on Earth. During the Cambrian Period, which began about 540 million years, trilobites were the dominant species.

When did the Cambrian period start and end?

Cambrian Period, earliest time division of the Paleozoic Era and Phanerozoic Eon, lasting from 541 million to 485.4 million years ago. The Cambrian System, named by English geologist Adam Sedgwick for slaty rocks in southern Wales and southwestern England, contains the earliest record of abundant and varied life-forms.

What was the oddest animal in the Cambrian Period?

In a Cambrian world where four, five, or even seven eyes was the evolutionary norm, the oddest thing about Isoxys, paradoxically, was its two bulbous eyes, which made it look like a mutated shrimp.

What happens to trilobites in the Cambrian Period?

After nearly 54 million years, The Cambrian ends with another major extinction event. Nearly 75% of trilobite families and 50% of sponge families disappeared at this time. The unique Cambrian evolutionary fauna continues through the Paleozoic, but the Paleozoic fauna quickly come to dominate.

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