What are synonyms for Democrat?

What are synonyms for Democrat?


  • lawmaker.
  • leader.
  • legislator.
  • senator.
  • boss.
  • orator.
  • partisan.
  • speaker.

What is the antonym for the Democratic Party?

What is the opposite of democratic?

nondemocratic undemocratic
unfree nonautonomous
non-self-governing subservient
monarchist authoritarian
oppressive tyrannical

What are synonyms and antonyms for democracy?


  • equality.
  • freedom.
  • justice.
  • commonwealth.
  • emancipation.
  • equalitarianism.
  • republic.
  • suffrage.

What Dems means?


Acronym Definition
DEMS Digital Electronic Messaging Service
DEMS Deployment Management System
DEMS Data Entry Management System
DEMS Diplôme d’Etat de Musique Supérieur (French: Music Advanced State Diploma)

What is the root word of democracy?

The word ‘democracy’ has its origins in the Greek language. It combines two shorter words: ‘demos’ meaning whole citizen living within a particular city-state and ‘kratos’ meaning power or rule.

What is the adjective for democracy?

democratic. Pertaining to democracy; favoring democracy, or constructed upon the principle of government by the people. (US) Relating to a political party so called; usually, Democratic. Exhibiting social equality, egalitarian (see online Oxford).

What is undemocratic rule?

A system, process, or decision that is undemocratic is one that is controlled or made by one person or a small number of people, rather than by all the people involved. the undemocratic rule of the former political establishment. Opponents denounced the decree as undemocratic and unconstitutional.

Whats Dem mean in slang?

DEM means “Them.”

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