What are the main features of vector atom model?

What are the main features of vector atom model?

The basic features of this model are space quantization and spinning electron hypothesis.

What are the main postulates of Bohr’s atomic model?

Bohr’s model of the hydrogen atom is based on three postulates: (1) an electron moves around the nucleus in a circular orbit, (2) an electron’s angular momentum in the orbit is quantized, and (3) the change in an electron’s energy as it makes a quantum jump from one orbit to another is always accompanied by the …

What are the postulates of Rutherford atomic model?

Postulates of Rutherford’s model of an atom: i) The mass of an atom is concentrated in a small space called the nucleus. ii) Atoms majorly consist of positively charged particles. iii) Negatively charged electrons revolve around atoms in circular paths called orbits at very high speed.

What are the postulates of Bohr’s atom model class 11?

(i) In an atom, there are small, heavy positively charged nuclei in the center and the electrons revolve around it in circular orbits. (ii) Out of a large number of circular orbits theoretically possible around the nucleus, the electrons revolve only in those orbits which have a fixed value of energy.

Who gave vector atomic model?

influence of electric and magnetic fields posed a problem to be explained for these models. proposed known as Vector Atom Model was proposed by Bohr, Sommerfeld, Uhelenbeck, Goudsmith, Pauli, Stern and Gerlach. The interaction between two magnetic moments explains the fine structure of spectral lines.

Why was the vector atom model introduced?

It could not explain Zeeman Effect and Stark Effect . To overcome all these objections, a new model known as VECTOR ATOM MODEL was proposed. The concept of spatial quantization or the quantization of direction. does not change the size or shape of the Bohr- Sommerfield orbits but makes the orbits vector quantities.

What is LS and JJ coupling?

This kind of coupling is called L-S coupling or Russell-Saunders coupling, and it is found to give good agreement with the observed spectral details for many light atoms. For heavier atoms, another coupling scheme called “j-j coupling” provides better agreement with experiment.

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