What are the Senufo people internationally known for?

What are the Senufo people internationally known for?

The Senufo are outstanding musicians, using marimbas, tuned iron gongs, and a variety of drums, horns, and flutes. They are also internationally famous carvers of wood sculpture, mainly masks and figures.

What does the Senufo mask represent?

The masks, known as kpeliye’e, feature delicate oval faces with geometric projections at the sides. Raised and incised scarification patterns ornament their smooth, glossy surfaces. Considered feminine, the masks honor deceased Senufo elders with their grace and beauty.

How was the Senufo mask made?

The Senufo peoples, according to scholar Timothy Garrard, were inspired to make metal masks by first observing the neighboring Diula peoples and using Diula masks. This Senufo mask, made of copper alloy, was cast in the style of the more widespread masks carved in wood (kpelie or kpele-yehe).

Where is the Dogon tribe located in Africa?

Dogon, ethnic group of the central plateau region of Mali that spreads across the border into Burkina Faso.

Where is senufo?

West Africa
The Senufo people live in West Africa. Experts estimate their population at over 2,500,000. Sharing a common language and culture, the Senufo live in a region that encompasses parts of the nation-states of Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire (also known as Ivory Coast), and Mali.

What do the Senufo people make butter from?

Butter. Butter is made by processing sheanut (pronounced she-nut) kernels. First the kernels are boiled and dried. They are then pounded by adolescent girls in the village, who have the strength and endurance for this demanding task.

What does the Teke mask symbolize?

Teke masks are mainly used in traditional dancing ceremonies such as wedding, funeral and initiation ceremonies of young men entering adult hood. The mask is also used as a social and political identifier of social structure within a tribe or family. The dress would add to the mask’s costume and conceal the wearer.

What are three types of masks created in Africa?

Common types of African masks include face masks, which fit over the front of the wearer’s face; helmet masks, which fit over the entire head; and forehead masks, which work like hats that sit horizontally on top of the head with the wearer’s face covered by fabric.

What kind of religion does the Senufo people believe in?

Society and culture. The traditional Senufo religion is a type of animism. This Senufo belief includes ancestral and nature spirits, who may be contacted. They believe in a Supreme Being, who is viewed in a dual female-male: an Ancient Mother, Maleeo or Katieleo, and a male Creator God, Kolotyolo or Koulotiolo.

Where are the Senufo people in West Africa?

The Senufo people, also known as Siena, Senefo, Sene, Senoufo, and Syénambélé, are a West African ethnolinguistic group. They consist of diverse subgroups living in a region spanning the northern Ivory Coast, the southeastern Mali and the western Burkina Faso. One sub-group, the Nafana, is found in north-western Ghana.

Where did the last name Senufo come from?

Within each group, numerous subdivisions use their own names for the people and language; the name Senufo is of external origin.

How did the Senufo people become victims of slavery?

The Senufo people were both victims of and perpetrators of slavery as they victimized other ethnic groups by enslavement. They were enslaved by various African ethnic groups as the Denkyira and Akan states were attacked or fell in the 17th and 18th centuries.

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