What do sound waves travel fastest in?

What do sound waves travel fastest in?

Sound waves travel faster and more effectively in liquids than in air and travel even more effectively in solids.

Which type of wave travels fastest through gases?

There are two types of body waves: P-waves travel fastest and through solids, liquids, and gases; S-waves only travel through solids.

Why does sound travel faster through liquids than gases?

10.2 Speed of sound (ESACZ) The speed of sound depends on the medium the sound is travelling in. Sound travels faster in solids than in liquids, and faster in liquids than in gases. This is because the density of solids is higher than that of liquids which means that the particles are closer together.

What medium sound waves Cannot travel?

Sound can not travel in a vacuum. A vacuum is an environment where liquids, gases, or solids of some sort are absent. If there are no objects then the sound waves do not have particles to vibrate, which means the sound waves can not travel.

What medium does sound travel through slowest?

Of the three mediums (gas, liquid, and solid) sound waves travel the slowest through gases, faster through liquids, and fastest through solids. Temperature also affects the speed of sound.

Which medium does sound travel fastest?

Sound travels fastest through solids because the molecules of a solid is closer to each other. Second medium that sound travels fastest is liquid then last will be gas.

Where would sound waves travel the fastest?

Sound travels fastest through a solid, because the molecules are most tightly packed together in a solid, helping the sound waves jump from one molecule to another faster. Sound travels second fastest through a liquid because the molecules are packed together second most, and sound travels slowest through gasses.

Where does sound travel the fastest?

In general, sound travels faster in liquids than in gases and faster in solids than in liquids. The greater the elasticity and the lower the density, the faster sound travels in a medium.

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