What do you call a group of chaffinches?

What do you call a group of chaffinches?

It is also called a Spink, from its fink or vink sounding call. A group of finches has many collective nouns, including a “charm”, “company”, and “trembling” of finches.

Do chaffinches flock?

Outside the breeding season, chaffinches form flocks in open countryside and forage for seeds on the ground. During the breeding season, they forage on trees for invertebrates, especially caterpillars, and feed these to their young.

Do female chaffinches sing?

Males not only sing, but also have a lot of different kinds of calls, more than females. In winter, the sexual contrast disappears; the call repertoire of non-breeding male chaffinches shrinks from eight call types, plus song, down to two (Fig. 5.1).

Are chaffinches in decline?

Sadly, it is not just the chaffinch that is in decline, it is most birds. However, it is a very slow and gradual process and not a sudden occurrence. There is a steady decrease in the chaffinch’s population due to natural events, most notably the weather, disease and climate change.

What did the chaffinch do in the morning?

The chaffinches called cheerfully on the plum-trees and sang in the early morning. The daisies and the dandelions were still tightly shut, and in the hedgerow a half-awakened chaffinch hopped from twig to twig, too sleepy to chirrup.

What kind of bird nests with a chaffinch?

The common chaffinch often nests close to a mistle thrush, the vigilance of the finch and the aggressive behaviour of the thrush benefiting both species. This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web.

What do you call a group of birds?

Generic collective nouns such as “flock fleet,” or “dissimulation” can apply to all bird species; however, there are more distinctive terms used for groups of specific types of birds that often are a reflection of the bird’s personality and/or behavior.

How often does the chaffinch sing at the gateway?

Every four or five minutes a chaffinch sings close by, and another fills the interval near the gateway. How curious is the structure of the nest of the goldfinch or chaffinch! The chaffinches called cheerfully on the plum-trees and sang in the early morning.

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