What does Marty have to do to keep Shiloh?

What does Marty have to do to keep Shiloh?

Marty wants to be able to feed Shiloh in secret without taking food away from other members of his family. He tells his mother that he quickly feels full while eating dinner, but that he gets hungry again before bed.

How does Marty keep the food from spoiling?

Marty puts the food in a can and places it in the stream. How does Marty keep the food from spoiling? Marty’s dad started getting extra food on his mail run.

What does Marty lie about?

At this point, we know that Marty is a very honest boy and is quite upset that he has to lie about Shiloh. He says a prayer and asks whether he should be completely honest and take the dog back to Judd or, because he knows that the dog will be abused, if he should keep Shiloh safe.

What does Marty tell Judd he will do if Judd doesn’t let him keep Shiloh?

Marty says he will keep the doe a secret if Judd agrees to let him keep Shiloh. Judd is surprised at Marty’s boldness and suggests that Marty’s dad put him up to the blackmail.

What does Marty want to be when he grows up?

He whistled and Shiloh came running to him. What did Marty tell his dad he wanted to be when he grows up? A traveling vet.

Why is Marty’s dad upset with his mom?

Marty’s dad is upset with his mom for not immediately telling him about Shiloh. Marty’s parents are now afraid of Judd coming to their house in a very angry mood. They are both very disappointed in Marty for keeping a dog after they have repeatedly told him that they can’t afford one.

What kind of person is Marty?

Throughout the novel, Marty shows a deep love for animals and great respect for his family, yet he struggles with what is right and wrong. He is a very determined young man and is willing to take risks to fight for what he thinks is right.

What does Marty tell Dara Lynn to keep her following him up the hill?

They spend their extra money on Grandma Preston’s care. What does Marty tell Dara Lynn to keep her from following him up the hill? He tells her that he’s trying to find a stick to pick up the large snake.

What did Marty do in the book Shiloh?

He puts the food in an old Hi-C can and then places the can into the stream. He places a rock on top to hold it down in the water. What gave away that Marty was keeping Shiloh?

Why does Marty’s Ma do not make good lunches?

Marty’s ma does not make good lunches. Why does Marty say that he doesn’t feel good about telling lies to Dara Lynn but he doesn’t feel bad either? He doesn’t like to lie but he is doing it to help Shiloh. Lying doesn’t bother Marty at all. Marty thinks lying is wrong. Q.

Why does Marty tell Judd that the dog’s name is Shiloh?

He never names his dogs. Why do you think Marty tells Judd that the dog’s name is Shiloh? He wants Judd to know that he cares for the dog and that he will be looking out for him. Why didn’t the Preston family have much money?

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