What does Melinda struggle with in Speak?

What does Melinda struggle with in Speak?

The summer before starting high school, she was raped by a senior student, Andy Evans. Due to her trauma and inability to tell anyone about what happened, Melinda spirals into a dark depression; loses her ability to speak with ease; and can express her pain only through physical acts, such as biting her lips and nails.

Why is Melinda depressed in the book speak?

Melinda is entering her freshman year of high school with a big secret, a secret that is causing her depression and anxiety. Melinda was sexually assaulted over the summer, and because she called the police, it seems everyone in her life has abandoned her. However, they don’t know the whole story.

What does Melinda want in speak?

Melinda simply wants life to go back to the way it was before the incident. Melinda desires to be popular again and have a tight-knit group of friends. She wishes to live a carefree life and not have to walk the halls of her high school as an outcast or live in fear that Andy Evans might assault her again.

Is speak a sad book?

It would be fair to call Laurie Halse Anderson’s bestselling novel a “tearjerker.” The novel’s young heroine, Melinda Sordino, is deeply sad. When she finally learns how to speak about the terrible thing that happened to her, she begins to find a way past her sadness.

Is Melinda depressed?

The story begins when Melinda, a high school freshman, the protagonist in novel Speak is raped by a senior student,named Andy Evans. Her trauma and her inability to tell anyone about what happened, turns Melinda into a depression. She loses her ability to speak with ease.

What does Melinda place over the mirror in her closet?

She thinks her reflection looks ugly in her bedroom mirror, and covers up the mirror in her closet with a poster of Maya Angelou.

What does Melinda refer to her mother as in speak?

Melinda’s parents scold her for her low grades and poor attitude. She imagines her mother as a… (full context) …as the turkey floats in the sink in a bath of warm water, and Melinda’s mother deals with a crisis at work. Melinda refers to the floating turkey as a “turkeyberg”… (full context)

When does Melinda get a demerit on speak?

Melinda gets a demerit on her first day of class. Foreshadowing “I’m dropped like a hot pop-tart on a cold floor.” Simile It is important to speak up for yourself. Theme A comparison using “like” or “as”

What does Melinda say about her home life?

The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Melinda begins to discuss her home life, which mainly involves avoiding her parents and ordering takeout. She says that, in general, her family communicates only through notes: her… (full context)

Why are Melinda’s lips important to this book?

Melinda has several sanctuaries. Identify as many as you can, and then pick one and tell me why it is important to her. Short Answer. Be Ready to Write 3-7 sentences. Talk about why Melinda’s lips are an important part of this book.

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