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What does re modify mean?

What does re modify mean?

remodify in British English (riːˈmɒdɪˌfaɪ) verbWord forms: -fies, -fying or -fied (transitive) to modify or alter again, to give a new shape to.

What does modification mean example?

A modification is a change or alteration, usually to make something work better. If you want to change something — in other words, modify it — you need to make a modification. When you think of the word modification, think “change.”

Is it remodeled or Remodelled?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishre‧mod‧el /ˌriːˈmɒdl $ -ˈmɑːdl/ verb (remodelled, remodelling British English, remodeled, remodeling American English) [intransitive, transitive] CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTto change the shape, structure, or appearance of something, especially a building The airport …

Is Remodified a word?

Simple past tense and past participle of remodify.

What are 2 examples of modification?

When a plan is in place and you make a slight change to the plan such as building a wall one inch taller, this is an example of modification. The small change you make such as building a wall one inch taller is also an example of a modification. (linguistics) A change to a word when it is borrowed by another language.

How do you use modification in a sentence?

an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another.

  1. I intend no modification of my hope…
  2. Considerable modification of the existing system is needed.
  3. Skinner was the psychologist who popularized behavior modification.
  4. The design of the spacecraft is undergoing extensive modification.

What is a sentence for modification?

Examples of modification in a Sentence They passed the law with only a few minor modifications.

What is the meaning of the word modification?

A modification is a change to the terms of a loan that have previously been agreed. Word builder -ation The suffix -ation often appears in nouns that relate to the action of the verb they are formed from. Collins English Dictionary.

Which is the best dictionary definition of remodification?

Define Remodification. Remodification synonyms, Remodification pronunciation, Remodification translation, English dictionary definition of Remodification. n. 1. The act of remodifying; the state of being remodified. Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co

What do you mean by a loan modification?

A mortgage loan modification is a change in your loan terms. The modification is a type of loss mitigation.

Which is the best example of a modification?

Examples of modifications include use of alternate books, pass/no pass grading option, reworded questions in simpler language, daily feedback to a student. Can your child participate in the activity in the same way as her peers?

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