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What does the cancellous contain?

What does the cancellous contain?

Spongy (Cancellous) Bone Spongy bone consists of plates (trabeculae) and bars of bone adjacent to small, irregular cavities that contain red bone marrow. The canaliculi connect to the adjacent cavities, instead of a central haversian canal, to receive their blood supply.

What is the cancellous?

Cancellous bone is the meshwork of spongy tissue (trabeculae) of mature adult bone typically found at the core of vertebral bones in the spine and the ends of the long bones (such as the femur or thigh bone).

What cells make up cancellous bone?

Spongy bone tissue is composed of trabeculae and forms the inner part of all bones. Four types of cells compose bony tissue: osteocytes, osteoclasts, osteoprogenitor cells, and osteoblasts.

Are made of cancellous bone tissues?

The mineralized matrix of bone tissue has an organic component of mainly collagen called ossein and an inorganic component of bone mineral made up of various salts. Bone tissue is a mineralized tissue of two types, cortical bone and cancellous bone….

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What are Osteoids?

Osteoid is a protein mixture secreted by osteoblasts that forms the organic matrix of bone. Bone is formed when osteoid mineralizes. Osteoid is important in several disease processes: failure of osteoid to mineralize leads to osteomalacia in adults and rickets in children.

Where is Osteon found?

long bones
2 Structure of the osteon. Compact bone is found in the cylindrical shells of most long bones in vertebrates. It often contains osteons which consist of lamellae that are cylindrically wrapped around a central blood vessel (Haversian system or secondary osteon). These secondary osteons form during bone remodeling.

What kind of bone is cancellous bone made of?

Cancellous bone is made up of spongy, porous, bone tissue that is filled with red bone marrow. It is not as strong as cortical bone, which is found in the long bones, but it is very important for producing blood cells.

How are trabeculae arranged in a cancellous bone?

bone: Bone morphology. This honeycombed bone is termed cancellous or trabecular. In mature bone, trabeculae are arranged in an orderly pattern that provides continuous units of bony tissue aligned parallel with the lines of major compressive or tensile force.

How does the cancellous bone develop in the embryo?

Cancellous bone. It is in that manner that all long bones develop in the embryo. The osteoblasts deposit new bone matrix in layers around the trabeculae, which thus enlarge at the expense of the spaces between them. Eventually the spaces are eliminated, and immature compact bone is produced. See also bone formation.

How does osteoporosis affect the cancellous bone?

On the left, healthy cancellous bone has relatively small pores connected by thick trabeculae of bone, while on the right, osteoporosis has caused the bone tissue to shrink and left much more open space in the bone tissue, reducing its strength. Cancellous bone is made up of spongy, porous, bone tissue that is filled with red bone marrow.

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