What domain is a worm?

What domain is a worm?

The word “Lumbricus” simply means worm, while “terrestris” denotes “earthly”, “terrestrial”, or “ground”, which leads to its most common name, earthworm (Google Translate 2013). Based on rRNA gene sequences, all of life can be grouped into three domains; Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya.

What is the classification of a earthworm?


What is a worm group called?

Some roundworms are also parasites. The Guinea worm, for example, gets under the skin of the feet and legs of people living in tropical countries. The third group consists of the segmented worms, with bodies divided into segments, or rings. This phylum is called Annelida.

How many worms are in an acre?

In an acre of good soil researchers have found more than 1 million worms and 1,200 miles of earthworm holes or burrows. One-million earthworms per acre is about 25 earthworms per square foot of soil.

What kind of phylum does an earthworm belong to?

Phylum: Annelida Earthworms belong to the phylum annelida which comprises segmented worms. The segments of the earthworm’s body, known as annuli, are separated by transverse dividing walls known a septa. They have multiple segments, with those belonging to a species possess organs in same segments.

Which is the most important group of Worms?

They vary in colour from transparency to dark brown, green, and red.Worms form several distinct primary groups of animals. The most important of these are the flatworms; a group that includes the thread worms, roundworms, and hookworms; and the segmented worms.The flatworms have flattened bodies. Each one contains both sexes within itself.

How many species of earthworm are there in the world?

The common earthworm is categorized under Haplotaxida, which is one of the two orders of Oligochaeta. The common earthworm belongs to Lumbricidae which is one of the largest earthworm family. About 33 species of earthworms are identified under this family.

What kind of worms live in backboned animals?

Some of them are free living, others are parasites. Among the parasitic flatworms is the tapeworm. It usually lives in the intestines of backboned animals, such as man and dogs.The threadworms are a large group of threadlike worms, varying in size from hardly visible species to others a few metres long.

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