What events led to ww1 quizlet?

What events led to ww1 quizlet?

Austria-Hungary blame the serbian government for the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand, and demand compensation and the right to send troops into serbia. Serbia refuses to let troops in. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia and shells Belgrade.

What event directly led to the US joining World War I?

The British gave President Wilson the Zimmerman telegram on February 24, and on March 1 the U.S. press reported on its existence. The American public was outraged by the news of the Zimmerman telegram and it, along with Germany’s resumption of submarine attacks, helped lead to the U.S. to join the war.

What was the order of events in WW1?


  • June 28, 1914. Archduke Francis Ferdinand is assassinated.
  • July 28, 1914. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, beginning World War I.
  • August 2-7, 1914. Germany invades Luxembourg and Belgium.
  • August 10, 1914. Austria-Hungary invades Russia.
  • September 9, 1914.
  • February 18, 1915.
  • April 25, 1915.
  • May 7, 1915.

Which set of events related to World War 1 is in the correct chronological order?

Terms in this set (8)

  • Great Britain declares war on Germany.
  • Germany declares war on France.
  • Austria-Hungary gives Serbia a list of demands.
  • Germany declares war on Russia.
  • Germany invades Belgium.
  • Russia prepares for war.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

What was the event that sparked the beginning of World War 1?

The spark that set off World War I came on June 28, 1914, when a young Serbian patriot shot and killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Austria), in the city of Sarajevo. The assassin was a supporter of the Kingdom of Serbia, and within a month the Austrian army invaded Serbia.

What events lead to the end of World War 1?

10 Events that Led to the End of World War I Zimmerman Telegram (January 1917) Unrestricted Submarine Warfare (February 1917) Russian Revolution (March 1917) Flu Pandemic (January 1918) Spring Offensive (March 1918) Rebellions in the Austria-Hungary Military (May 1918) Hundred Days Offensive (August 1918) German Revolution (November 1918)

What event sparked WW1?

Summary. The event that triggered the WWI was the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo on June 28th, 1914. They were murdered by a Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip , a member of the terrorist organization called the Black Hand .

What brought the end to World War 1?

The Versailles Treaty , signed on June 28, 1919 in the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, was the peace settlement between Germany and the Allied Powers that officially ended World War I.

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