What fish has a menstrual cycle?

What fish has a menstrual cycle?

The biology of fish does not include a menstrual cycle. Unlike mammals, fish fertilize externally to reproduce, which means that the female will scatter the unfertilized eggs into the water. Simultaneously, or shortly after, the male will eject its sperm over the laid eggs in order to fertilize them.

Do female fish have menstrual cycles?

No, Fish do not have periods. Fish go through spawning, which means that they carry their eggs, and if the eggs are not fertilized, they just release them, and other fish eat them. It’s a phase that every female fish experiences to carry and lay eggs. These eggs can be fertilized internally and externally.

What animals get periods?

Beyond primates, it is known only in bats, the elephant shrew, and the spiny mouse. Females of other species of placental mammal undergo estrous cycles, in which the endometrium is completely reabsorbed by the animal (covert menstruation) at the end of its reproductive cycle.

How many times a year do catfish lay eggs?

#2 How Many Times A Year Do Catfish Lay Eggs? Female catfish lay eggs once a year during the spawning season. The number can be up to 50,000 eggs at one time. After the female has completed laying her eggs, the male catfish will fertilize the eggs.

Where do catfish carry their eggs?

They lay their eggs in cavities. Look for places with lots of nooks and crannies in shallow water, and you’ll find spawning catfish.

Is it possible for a catfish to have a menstrual cycle?

I believe catfish do have a menstrual cycle, but your best bet is to catch a female (unless it’s an aquarium catfish) and put her in a fair sized tank based on her size, and find out for yourself, or try to research the subject..

Can a fish have a period like a female?

Thanks for asking your question on Just Answer. Fish do not have periods like females. They do not have the same reproductive organs since they are egg layers. Although some of the same sex hormones exist in fish, they do not have a similar reproductive cycle and therefore don’t have menstrual periods.

Where does a catfish get its eggs from?

Catfish build nests on the bottom of a stream, lake or pond and deposit eggs or, like the stonecat, deposit eggs on the bottom sides of rocks. After the male fertilizes them, he may actually chase off the female and guard the eggs. In other species, both the male and female guard the eggs and fry.

What kind of catfish live in an aquarium?

My 10 gallon aquarium tank now has one male betta, one african dwarf frog, and one corydoras catfish. A little over a week ago, I noticed the corydoras … read more

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