What happened to Mikey the Life cereal kid?

What happened to Mikey the Life cereal kid?

He told New York Newsday that “[Mikey is] who I am, but it’s only a part of who I am; I have a lot of great things in my life.” He also admits he doesn’t remember making the commercial — after all, he was just three and a half. Gilchrist now lives in Pelham, NY with his wife and three children.

Where is John Gilchrist today?

Since shifting away from acting while at Iona College, Gilchrist, 44, has been in ad sales, first in radio, including a stint at ESPN, and now for MSG Networks, where he is director of media sales, primarily negotiating with advertisers on TV ads.

Who played Mikey in the original cereal commercial?

At age three, John Gilchrist rose to fame when he starred in the Life cereal commercials in the 1970s as Little Mikey. Despite the fact that he doesn’t act anymore, he loves looking back on it. Gilchrist played the iconic role alongside his two real-life brothers — Tom and Mike.

How old is the original Mikey from the Life cereal commercials?

A: John Gilchrist, 44, appeared in over 250 commercials; now he’s on the other side of the ad game as director of media sales at New York’s MSG Network. As for the cereal that brought him fame, the father of three says, “My kids like Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes, but I still sure do like Life!”

Who was the Oscar Mayer Bologna kid?

Andy Lambros
The curly-haired child with a fishing pole who sang “My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R….” had America humming one of the catchiest advertising jingles ever. Andy Lambros was just four years old when he chirped the famous Oscar Mayer song in 1974.

Which breakfast cereal did Mikey like?

Mikey was a fictional character in a television commercial promoting Quaker Oats’ breakfast cereal Life. The cereal was popularized during the 1970s by an advertising campaign featuring “Mikey,” a hard-to-please four-year-old-boy portrayed by John Gilchrist.

Is the original Mikey still alive?

Although he admits he doesn’t remember much about filming it because he was so young! He now resides in Pelham, NY with his wife and three children. He occasionally signs autographs for his role as little Mikey and he loves it! Do you remember this iconic ’70s commercial?

What happened to boy who sang Bologna commercial?

The “little fisherman” from the Oscar Mayer bologna commercial, who proudly recited the first name of his bologna, isn’t so little anymore. Andy Lambros was a child actor, but now works as a graphic designer and web designer in southern California.

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