What happens in the pharynx during digestion?

What happens in the pharynx during digestion?

Because of its location, the pharynx helps the respiratory system by allowing air to make its way to the respiratory tract. For digestion, the use of the muscles surrounding the pharynx (both circular constrictive muscles and longitudinal muscles) work together to send food and drink down to the esophagus.

What does the pharynx do in the respiratory system?

The pharynx acts as a passageway for food on its way to the stomach and for air en route to the lungs. The mucosal epithelium in the pharynx is thicker than elsewhere in the respiratory tract as it has to protect the tissues from any abrasive and chemical trauma caused by food.

What happens in the pharynx and esophagus?

This reflex action has several parts. The uvula is elevated to prevent food from entering the nasopharynx. The epiglottis drops downward to prevent food from entering the larynx and trachea in order to direct the food into the esophagus. Peristaltic movements propel the food from the pharynx into the esophagus.

What is the pharynx connected to?

Pharynx — is the muscle-lined space that connects the nose and mouth to the larynx and esophagus (eating tube). Larynx — also known as the voice box, the larynx is a cylindrical grouping of cartilages, muscles and soft tissue that contains the vocal cords.

What are the three parts of pharynx?

It contains three sections: the nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx, which is also called the hypopharynx.

How does the pharynx aid in respiration?

Aside from its work for the digestive system, the pharynx also plays a supporting role for the respiratory system. Just like the passage of food, the pharynx also acts as the passage of air. Once air is inhaled from the nose or the mouth, the pharynx will then direct it towards the larynx down to the trachea.

What is the function of the pharynx in the respiratory system?

The pharynx has a double function. It is a key part both for the digestive system and the respiratory system. When it comes to the respiratory system, the purpose of the pharynx is to allow the air that has been inhaled through the nasal cavity all the way down to the lungs, through the larynx and the windpipe.

Is the pharynx the same as the larynx?

The main difference between pharynx and larynx is that pharynx is a part of an alimentary canal, which extends from the nasal cavity and mouth to the larynx and the esophagus whereas larynx is the upper portion of the trachea. Both air and food pass through the pharynx.

What are the divisions of the pharynx?

There are three main divisions of the pharynx: the oral pharynx, the nasal pharynx, and the laryngeal pharynx. The latter two are airways, whereas the oral pharynx is shared by both the respiratory and digestive tracts. On either side of the opening between the mouth cavity and the oral pharynx is a palatine tonsil,…

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