What happens to rocks when high pressure?

What happens to rocks when high pressure?

The existing rock must be exposed to high heat, high pressure, or to a hot, mineral-rich fluid. If there is too much heat or pressure, the rock will melt and become magma. This will result in the formation of an igneous rock, not a metamorphic rock. Consider how granite changes form.

What happens when a rock undergoes heat and pressure?

Metamorphic rocks form from heat and pressure changing the original or parent rock into a completely new rock. The parent rock can be either sedimentary, igneous, or even another metamorphic rock. The word “metamorphic” comes from Greek and means “To Change Form”.

How does metamorphism change the texture of a rock?

At the upper end of metamorphism the rock melts and becomes igneous. But the texture of the rock also changes during metamorphism. The rocks become foliated, that is the texture sequence of slaty cleavage to schsitosity, to banded, or the rock sequence slate to phyllite to schist to gneiss.

What factors affect the texture of rocks?

The texture in igneous rocks depends on the following four factors: i) Viscosity of magma ii) Rate of cooling iii) The order of crystallization of the constituent minerals. iv) The relative rates of growth of the constituent minerals.

What happens when a rock is put under immense pressure?

When a rock with flat or elongated minerals is put under immense pressure, the minerals line up in layers, creating foliation. Foliation is the aligning of elongated or platy minerals, like hornblende or mica, perpendicular to the direction of pressure that is applied.

What kind of texture does metamorphic rock have?

The texture of metamorphic rock in which mineral grains are arranged in planes or bands. What is shale? A sedimentary rock made of clay minerals. When shale is exposed to slight heat and pressure, what happens to the clay minerals?

What causes rocks to move in certain directions?

Large movements within the Earth’s crust. What can cause cause the mineral grains in rock to align themselves in certain directions? What is one way a rock can undergo metamorphism? By being heated by nearby magma. What happens when magma moves through the crust? It heats the surrounding rock and changes it. Where does the greatest change occur?

What happens to the crystals of quartz sandstone?

The crystals of these minerals may change in size or the mineral may change in composition. How does quartz sandstone become quartzite? When it is exposed to heat and pressure the spaces between the sand disappear. Explain what happens when limestone undergoes metamorphism.

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