What is a power failure relay?

What is a power failure relay?

A mains failure relay is a type of relay that activates when the mains supply fails. There are many different types of mains failure relay that monitor a range of parameters and can be adjustable, both for the time before they activate after failure and the level at which they consider the mains to have failed.

What is the function of phase sequence relay?

Phase sequence relay can be used in phase sequence protection. When the phase sequence of the circuit does not match the specified phase sequence, the phase sequence relay will trigger the action and cut off the power supply of the control circuit so as to cut off the motor power supply and protect the motor.

What is current phase loss?

When one phase of a three-phase system is lost, a phase loss occurs. Under phase loss conditions motors, pumps, blowers, and other equipment draw excessive current on the remaining two phases which quickly overheats the motor windings. Power output is greatly reduced and starting is not possible in this condition.

What is phase sequence and its importance?

In a three-phase system, the order in which the voltages attain their maximum positive value is called Phase Sequence. The rotational direction of the three-phase induction motor depends upon its sequence of phase on three-phase supply. …

What is function of phase sequence?

Phase Sequence Meter and Its Working Principle. Phase sequence meter is used for detecting the sequence of the supply in three-phase electric circuits. Since the direction of rotation of three phase electric motors can be changed by changing the phase sequence of supply.

What is current monitoring relay?

Current Monitoring (Current Relay) Current monitoring relays monitor the overcurrent and under current conditions of the systems. Adding to this also protects the devices against overload and phase reverse, phase loss, and phase unbalance faults. This is referred to as over-current protection.

What is phase protection relay?

They are compact and self-contained devices which can detect abnormal conditions . Protective relays detect the abnormal conditions in the electrical circuits by constantly measuring the electrical quantities which are different under normal and fault conditions. The electrical quantities which may change under fault conditions are voltage, current, frequency, and phase angle.

What is phase sequence relay?

Definition: A relay which protects the electrical system from negative sequence component is called a negative sequence relay or unbalance phase relay. The negative sequence relay protects the generator and motor from the unbalanced load which mainly occurs because of the phase-to-phase faults.

What is phase rotation relay?

phase-sequence relay. Relay which functions according to the order in which the phase voltages successively reach their maximum positive values. Also known as phase-rotation relay.

What is phase failure protection?

The Phase Guard incorporates an automatic reset feature that makes it ideal for protecting unattended motors actuated by sensory controls. When phase failure occurs, the motor is disconnected from the line and when normal line conditions are restored, the Phase Guard resets.

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