What is Higgins worth?

What is Higgins worth?

John Higgins net worth stands at $11.2 million. The talented snooker has pocketed £5,179,749 as career earnings. The star has made this amount through his involvement in the sport alone.

What was shouted at John Higgins?

On the way to a 17–14 victory over Mark Williams in the semi-finals, Higgins was heckled by an audience member who shouted out, “How do you swallow that three hundred thousand, John? You’re a disgrace to snooker.”

Who is Higgins wife?

Denise Higginsm. 2000
John Higgins/Wife

What nationality is John Higgins?

John Higgins/Nationality

How many 147s has Judd Trump made?

Judd Trump

Highest ranking 1 (November–December 2012, February–March 2013, August 2019–August 2021)
Current ranking 2 (as of 23 August 2021)
Career winnings £5,493,554 (as of 10 July 2021)
Highest break 147 (5 times)
Tournament wins

What does the last name Higgins mean?

Higgins Name Meaning Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hUiginn ‘descendant of Uiginn’, a byname meaning ‘viking’, ‘sea-rover’ (from Old Norse víkingr). Irish: variant of Hagan. English: patronymic from the medieval personal name Higgin, a pet form of Hick.

Who is Alex Higgins daughter?

Lauren Higgins
Alex Higgins/Daughters

What is John Higgins famous for?

One of the brightest and most famous representativessnooker is John Higgins. Biography of the player began in the small town of Wisho, where he was born on May 18, 1975. The Scot received an international license and became a professional player in 1992.

How many children does John Michael Higgins have?

Higgins proposed over Christmas 1973 and they were married the year after. They have four children: Alice Mary, Daniel and twins John and Michael Jr.; Alice Mary was elected to Seanad Éireann in 2016. He has two Bernese mountain dogs named Bród and Síoda (Pride and Silk).

Where did John Michael Higgins grow up?

John Michael Higgins is an actor and voice actor who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 12, 1963. His career began in the 1980s when he in several television series.

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