What is the best synonym for the word laud?

What is the best synonym for the word laud?


  • admire.
  • adore.
  • celebrate.
  • commend.
  • eulogize.
  • extol.
  • honor.
  • revere.

What are antonyms for lauded?

What is the opposite of lauded?

criticisedUK criticizedUS
anonymous unfamous
unimportant insignificant
nameless forgotten
unremarkable inconspicuous

What is the synonym of Sou?

a very small amount of money. Synonyms and related words. Small amounts of money. pittance. subsistence.

What is Meen synonym?

Just about every popular dictionary defines synonym as a term having “the same or nearly the same” meaning as another, but there is an important difference between “the same” and “nearly the same.” Noun synonyms sometimes mean exactly the same thing.

What do the word lauded mean?

transitive verb. : praise, extol He was lauded for his accomplishments.

What is another word for endemic?

Some common synonyms of endemic are aboriginal, indigenous, and native. While all these words mean “belonging to a locality,” endemic implies being peculiar to a region.

What do you mean by Sou?

/suː/ a very small amount of money: I don’t have a sou. Small amounts of money.

What is the antonym of Sou?

The word sous is a French prefix often used in occupational titles, such as ‘sous-chef. ‘ There are no categorical antonyms for this word….What is the opposite of sous?

sos soups
soup sods
soul sobs

What is a word for being mean?

A mean (unkind) person. meanie. villain. rogue. scoundrel.

Are there any antonyms for the word Laud?

Near Antonyms for laud. belittle, discommend, disparage, put down. blame, censure, reprehend, reprobate.

Where did John Laud live when he died?

Laud was a prodigy of parts and learning over whose tomb Art and Genius still continued to weep. Four years later he died at Oxford, on his way to London, whither Laud had invited him.

Who is the owner of the Laud quarry?

Arno Sanidad of the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) said a search was done into the Laud quarry in 2009, but the owner, identified as one Bienvenido Laud, questioned the issuance of an arrest warrant. Jane Wells, community fundraiser for Norman Laud, said: “Yet again, a spectacular day was organised and was enjoyed by all.

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