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What is the main conflict in Heat by Mike Lupica?

What is the main conflict in Heat by Mike Lupica?

The conflict of the story is that both Michael’s mom and dad are both dead, so legally Michael and Carlos would have to go to a foster home. Then a man doesn’t believe Michael’s fake story about his dad being in Florida to support his ill uncle.

What happens in Heat by Mike Lupica?

“Heat” is about a 12-year-old Little League pitcher whom other coaches gang up on for being suspiciously good for his age. “Travel Team” is about a 12-year-old point guard who considers abandoning the sport he loves after ambitious parents decide their team needs to “get bigger,” and cut him for being too small.

What reading level is Heat by Mike Lupica?


Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 5.3

Who are the characters in Heat by Mike Lupica?

Main Characters

  • The main characters in this novel are Michael Arroyo (who is the lead pitcher for the Clippers)
  • Carlos Arroyo- Who is Michael’s brother/guardian.
  • Manny Cabrera- Michael’s best friend and is the catcher on the Clippers.

Why does Mr Minaya want Michael to coach third base?

Minava wants Michael to coach third base. Since Michael still doesn’t have his birth certificate to prove his age he still can’t play so coach third base is as close as he will get without the birth certificate. Michael came up with up with an amazing strategy that results in his team winning.

Who are the characters in the book Heat?

All of the figures who support Michael are present at Yankee Stadium when he starts the championship game. Not only that, but Michael also recognizes his absent father’s “ghost” (220) with him, guiding him to throw some heat on the field of his dreams.

Who is Michael’s coach in the book Heat?

Michael’s coach, Mr. Minaya, protects Michael and reminds him that these adult men are “grown-ups who act like children” (98). But this doesn’t change the anxiety Michael feels as Mr. Gibbs, an official, and others begin to demand his father’s presence.

Why was Ellie mad at Michael in the heat?

And second, the first girl to whom he’s been attracted, Ellie, is mad at him, after he immaturely confronts her for keeping the secret that she is the daughter of his hero, El Grande, star pitcher of the New York Yankees. As the Clippers approach the finals, Michael maturely takes on the position of third base coach.

Who is the Little League pitcher in heat?

Everyone in Michael’s neighborhood in the Bronx loves the Yankees. Everyone seems to live for baseball. And Michael, star pitcher of the Little League Clippers, is no different. But when an opponent, Justin, on the Westchester South team conspires with his father to bring Michael down, he begins to worry that his secrets will haunt him.

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