What is the opposite of being compassionate?

What is the opposite of being compassionate?

Opposite of feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others. heartless. inhumane. unfeeling. unsympathetic.

Is it Uncompassionate or Incompassionate?

As adjectives the difference between uncompassionate and incompassionate. is that uncompassionate is not compassionate while incompassionate is not compassionate; without pity or any compassion.

What’s a word for lack of compassion?

What is another word for lacking compassion?

hard as nails callous
cold-hearted hard-bitten
insensitive tough
uncaring unforgiving
unsentimental unsympathetic

What is a synonyms and antonyms for compassion?

compassion. Synonyms: pity, sympathy, condolence, tenderness, fellow-feeling, commiseration, pardon. Antonyms: hardheartedness, unforgiveness, cruelty, antipathy, denunciation, condemnation, vindictiveness, retaliation.

Who is a compassionate person?

To be compassionate is to feel deeply for another person as they experience the ups and downs associated with life. To be compassionate is to not just tell someone that you care, but also to show them that you care by being there before they even ask for it.

What is lack of empathy called?

Lacking the ability to feel, understand and resonate with another’s feelings is categorised by empathy deficit disorder (EDD). This results in difficulty forming and maintaining relationships for both the individual who lacks empathy and potential friends and loved ones.

What are three synonyms for compassion?

Some common synonyms of compassion are commiseration, condolence, pity, and sympathy.

Which comes first empathy or compassion?

Compassion takes empathy and sympathy a step further. When you are compassionate, you feel the pain of another (i.e., empathy) or you recognize that the person is in pain (i.e., sympathy), and then you do your best to alleviate the person’s suffering from that situation.

What is the opposite of lacking compassion?

Antonyms for lacking compassion include compassionate, merciful, gentle, humane, charitable, forgiving, kind, kindhearted, kindly and pitying. Find more opposite

What does the Bible say about compassionate?

Answer: The Hebrew and Greek words translated “compassion” in the Bible mean “to have mercy, to feel sympathy and to have pity.” We know that, according to the Bible, God is “a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness” ( Psalm 86:15). Like all of God’s attributes, His compassion is infinite and eternal.

What is the antonym for compassionate?

compassionate(verb) showing or having compassion. “heard the soft and compassionate voices of women”. Antonyms: uncompassionate, hardhearted, stonyhearted, unfeeling. feel for, pity, compassionate, condole with, sympathize with(verb) share the suffering of.

What’s the point being compassionate?

ignoring everything…

  • Endurance. The people for whom you care may refuse to stop suffering. They may rail against you for your efforts and…
  • but if you have the opportunity to take…
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