What is the other name of cubic?

What is the other name of cubic?

What is another word for cubic?

square rectangular
quadrate boxlike
boxy four-sided
equal-sided trapezoidal
diamond rhomboid

What is meant by cubic inch?

: a unit of volume equal to a cube one inch long on each side — see Weights and Measures Table.

How do you represent cubic inches?

The cubic inch (symbol in3) is a unit of volume in the Imperial units and United States customary units systems.

What is cubic equal to?

A cubic meter is equal to 1000 liter (one thousand liter). It is represented by the symbol m3 or meter cube. Cubic meter is an SI unit of volume, when a cube has length equal to 1 meter. Since a cube has all its sides equal, therefore the volume of cube is equal to: V = length x breadth x width.

What is another way of describing a cube?

Cube Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for cube?

hexahedron cuboid
pyramid tetrahedron
die sphere

What is cubic shape?

In geometry, a cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex. The cube is the only regular hexahedron and is one of the five Platonic solids. It has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices.

What can you fit in a cubic meter?

One CBM can also approximately fit both a washer and a dryer together. A sofa that’s for two people will also fit in. You can also place two bicycles in 1 CBM worth of space, and they will fit just fine. You can opt to use this much space for ten large flower pots, too.

What shape has 6faces?

A hexahedron (plural: hexahedra) is any polyhedron with six faces. A cube, for example, is a regular hexahedron with all its faces square, and three squares around each vertex. There are seven topologically distinct convex hexahedra, one of which exists in two mirror image forms.

Which is an example of a cubic unit?

Some examples of cubic units in metric units are cubic meters, cubic centimeters, and in customary units are cubic inches, cubic feet. Fun Facts. All 6 faces of a cubic unit are square, and all its 12 edges measure one unit each in length.

How many faces are there in a cubic unit?

All 6 faces of a cubic unit are square, and all its 12 edges measure one unit each in length. Let’s do it! While solving word problems on finding the volume, emphasize on the how the single unit of length, width or height turns into cubic units.

How many diatoms are in a cubic inch?

Clodd tells us that one cubic inch of rotten stone contains 41 thousand million vegetable skeletons of diatoms. The normal number of leukocytes varies from 5000 to 10,000 per cubic millimeter of blood. An immense bag of linen lined with paper, and containing 23,000 cubic feet, was provided for the occasion.

How is the volume of a cubic unit determined?

The volume of a unit cube whose length, width and height are 1 unit each is 1 cubic unit. Here, the rectangular prism is made up of smaller unit cubes. The length, width and height of the rectangular prism can be measured by counting the number of unit cubes. The volume is then determined in cubic units.

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