What kind of person is Dr Rieux?

What kind of person is Dr Rieux?

Dr. Bernard Rieux is the narrator of The Plague. He is one of the first people in Oran to urge that stringent sanitation measures be taken to fight the rising epidemic. A staunch humanist and atheist, Dr. Rieux has little patience with the authorities’ foot-dragging in response to his call for action.

What is Rieux worried about?

Rieux’s main concern before talking with Rambert is to make sure that Rambert will report the truth about the sad state of public sanitation. Dr. Rieux’s mother comes to stay with him while his wife is away.

Why did Dr Rieux fight the plague?

He fights death and disease because he has been trained to and because he conceives of his life having value only when he is continuing to help others combat death and achieve health.

How does Dr Rieux respond to the plague?

It is Rieux who spurs the authorities to action at the first outbreak of the plague. Recognizing the futility of words, Rieux focuses instead on language. It doesn’t matter, he says, whether or not they refer to the pestilence as the plague, as long as they act as though it is the plague.

What was the cause of Dr Rieux fatigue?

Rieux is tired because there is a constant shortage of equipment and manpower to fight the plague. A snag delays Rambert’s escape again, but eventually all is in place: two sentries, Marcel and Louis, agree to smuggle him out in return for 10,000 francs.

Is Dr Rieux a hero?

Dr. Rieux is absolutely an absurd hero because he does what he has to do. He still works as a doctor instead of hiding in fear, hoping to not get the plague like many other of the citizens. Of course, he does not want to fall ill, but he knows that should not stop him from completely ignoring his duties.

Is Dr Rieux an absurd hero?

What is the climax of the plague?

The climax occurs when the gates of Oran are reopened, announcing to the world that the battle against the plague has been won. The novel ends as a tragic comedy. Rieux, acknowledging that man can never conquer death, has narrated the story of the plague in order to teach others to recognize and fight the disease.

Who is the first human victim of the plague?

World’s first-known plague victim was a hunter-gatherer who died 5,000 years ago in Latvia, scientists say.

Why is Grand The hero of the plague?

In Albert Camus, The Plague, Joseph Grand is identified as a hero because he brings salvation to the society of Oran. Grand is a municipal clerk in Oran, and when the plague hits, is asked to help out with keeping count of people. Without questioning it, Grand begins and continues to help the citizens of Oran.

Why is Dr Rieux a hero?

Why is grand a hero in the plague?

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