What types of drilling rigs are there?

What types of drilling rigs are there?

Depending on the terrain, you can choose between different types of drilling rigs: rotary drilling rigs, percussion drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, top hammer drilling rigs (with high hammer), etc.

What is elevator drilling?

1. n. [Drilling] A shoulder or taper on the component to be lifted is larger in size than the inside diameter of the closed elevator. In the open position, the device splits roughly into two halves and may be swung away from the drillstring component.

What is a rotary drilling rig?

Rotary drilling is used to form a deep observation borehole or for obtaining representative samples of rock. The drilling method involves a powered rotary cutting head on the end of a shaft, driven into the ground as it rotates. The system requires lubrication (air, water or drilling mud) to keep the cutting head cool.

How much does a drilling rig cost?

The drilling equipment package is the largest equipment expenditure, and typically costs $20 to $70 million for jackups and $100 to $200 million for floaters (or on the order of 10 to 30% of total costs).

What is Kelly in drilling?

1. n. [Drilling] A long square or hexagonal steel bar with a hole drilled through the middle for a fluid path. The kelly is used to transmit rotary motion from the rotary table or kelly bushing to the drillstring, while allowing the drillstring to be lowered or raised during rotation.

What is side door elevator?

Side Door SLX Series Elevators are used to maneuver drill collars and casing. Side Door SLX Series Elevators can generally handle all types of casing up to 42 inches. And, their load rating ranges from 65 to 500 tons.

What are the four major systems used in all rotary drilling rigs?

The basic rotary drilling system consists of four groups of components – the prime movers, hoisting equipment, rotating equipment and circulating equipment – that all combine to make rotary drilling possible.

How are elevators used in the drilling industry?

Elevators and Their Importance An elevator is used to raise and lower the drilling pipe in and out of the drilling hole by latching around the top of the drill string pipe joints. Most elevators are hinged and the drilling rig team can open and close them by using the latch with handles on either side of the elevator.

How are slips set on a drilling rig?

Slips are typically installed by the drilling rig team. To set them, the slips are placed around the drill pipe, which is then lowered until the serrated insets take hold of the drill pipe.

How does a safety clamp work on a drill?

This safety clamp will ensure that if the serrated insets of the slips fail, the slips won’t fall into the drilling hole, rather, they will be “caught” by the safety clamp. An elevator is used to raise and lower the drilling pipe in and out of the drilling hole by latching around the top of the drill string pipe joints.

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