What was Athens like during the Age of Pericles?

What was Athens like during the Age of Pericles?

During the Age of Pericles, Athens blossomed as a center of education, art, culture, and democracy. Artists and sculptors, playwrights and poets, architects and philosophers all found Athens an exciting and enlivening atmosphere for their work.

How did Pericles affect Athens?

Pericles was an Athenian statesman. Under his leadership Athenian democracy and the Athenian empire flourished, making Athens the political and cultural focus of Greece between the Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian wars.

Was Pericles good or bad for Athens?

In truth, Pericles was probably a very well-meaning man who only had what was best for Athens at heart, but had a few flaws that led him to push the war farther than he should have. Pericles created democratic reforms so that poor citizens would not be barred from participation in the government.

Who ruled Athens after Pericles?

Cleon (†422): leading Athenian democratic statesman after the death of Pericles.

Why can Athens be called a city of contrasts quizlet?

Why can Athens be called a city of contrasts? People lived in small, uncomfortable houses that lined the narrow streets. It also smelled because people threw trash into the streets. City’s public spaces/buildings were large, stately, and beautiful.

When did the Golden Age start in Athens?

In 461 B.C. when Pericles became the leader of Athens, he moved the treasury from Delos to the acropolis. A golden age started in Athens with great cultural and artistic attainment.

Why was the Acropolis the high point of Athens?

The Acropolis was the high point of the city, the original fortifiable area before the city of Athens expanded. Temples topped the Acropolis, which was behind the Pnyx hill where the assembly of the people gathered. Pericles’ preeminent building project was the Parthenon (447-432 B.C.), on the Acropolis.

When did the classical age of Greece start and end?

Sometimes the term “Classical Age” refers to the entire expanse of ancient Greek history, from the archaic period, but when used to distinguish one era from the next, the Classical Age of Greece begins with the Persian Wars (490-479 B.C.) and ends with either the empire-building or the death of the Macedonian leader Alexander the Great (323 B.C.).

Who was the leader of Athens in 461?

Pericles as Leader. While he was not a king or dictator in charge of Athens, Greece, Pericles was the foremost statesman of Athens from 461-429. Pericles was repeatedly elected to be one of the 10 strategoi (generals).

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