What were the 2 earliest civilizations in Greece?

What were the 2 earliest civilizations in Greece?

The Minoans and the Mycenaeans were two of the early civilizations that developed in Greece. The Minoans lived on the Greek islands and built a huge palace on the island of Crete.

What were the two main forms of government in Greek city states?

Ancient Greek Government

  • Democracy – rule by the people (male citizens).
  • Monarchy – rule by an individual who had inherited his role.
  • Oligarchy – rule by a select group of individuals.
  • Tyranny – rule by an individual who had seized power by unconstitutional means.

What was the difference between ancient Greece and Mesopotamia?

The propensity of literary revelation (the message of ancient forms of literatures) was derived from different historical experiences of early civilizations. In this paper, we shall examine the major differences of ancient Mesopotamia and Greece by analyzing early literary works such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Enuma Elish, and the Hesiods Theogony.

What kind of literature did ancient Mesopotamia have?

Mesopotamia had a tradition of epic literature that produced important works such as the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” the world’s earliest known written story. The comparative status of women in these ancient societies changed over time.

How are Rome and Greece similar and different?

Compare & Contrast of Rome and Greece Political Developments Roman and Greece empires governments were similar in ways but differed in others. While both Romans and Greeks started as mere city states they went off in different directions with there civilizations politically. They also both had democracies but in different forms.

Why was Egypt so important to early civilizations?

When comparing what we know about these two early civilizations, it stands out that Egypt is especially known for its impressive architecture and monuments such as the pyramids. This is partly because the Egyptians’ location gave them better access to stone for building.

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