When did Rick Hansen go around the world?

When did Rick Hansen go around the world?

March 21, 1985
From March 21, 1985 to May 22, 1987, Rick and his team wheeled over 40,000 km through 34 countries raising awareness about the potential of people with disabilities, creating accessible and inclusive communities, and finding a cure.

How much money did the man in motion make?

Hansen became a world-wide celebrity in 1987 when he completed his Man in Motion tour, in which he travelled through 34 countries and rolled over 40,000 km. The 26-month marathon raised $26 million to bring awareness around issues of living with disabilities.

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What did Rick Hansen Foundation do in Canada?

Rick and the Foundation mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary with support by the Government of Canada by granting $1.5 million to schools and community groups to help Canadians activate 55 large-scale “Barrier Buster” infrastructure improvement projects and awareness building events in their communities.

When did Rick Hansen come back to Vancouver?

After an epic 26-month, 40,000 kilometre journey around the world in his wheelchair, Rick and his team completed the Tour and arrived home in Vancouver on May 22, 1987. Don’t miss the new special display, Highlights From the Rick Hansen Man In Motion World Tour Collection, exploring how teamwork and public support can inspire global change.

Why was Rick Hansen so famous in China?

Hansen received a great deal of positive attention in China, helping to raise even greater awareness of the Tour around the world. Amanda (Reid) Hansen remembers that people were fascinated by Rick, because he was a Canadian, and because he was in a wheelchair.

Why did Rick Hansen do the man in Motion Tour?

In March 1985, Canadian Paralympian and Olympian Rick Hansen set out on a journey that would make history. Hansen’s dream for the Man In Motion Tour was to make the world accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities, and to fund research for a cure for paralysis.

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