Where did Sir Francis Drake travel?

Where did Sir Francis Drake travel?

He travelled up the west coast of South America, plundering Spanish ports. He continued north, hoping to find a route across to the Atlantic, and sailed further up the west coast of America than any European. Unable to find a passage, he turned south and then in July 1579, west across the Pacific.

How many voyages did Francis Drake go on?

Drake is best known for his circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1580.

Did Sir Francis Drake claim any land?

Calling the land “Nova Albion,” Drake remained on the California coast for a month to make repairs to his ship, the Golden Hind, and prepare for his westward crossing of the Pacific Ocean. …

Did Sir Francis Drake visit California?

California Explorers. Sir Francis Drake’s visit to California is a mystery. Historians have never been able to determine just where he landed on the California coast, and some argue that he did not visit California at all. His name, however, is still linked to the earliest exploration here.

What problems did Sir Francis Drake encounter?

He got infected with dysentery, a disease that infects the intestines. Sir Francis Drake died on his ship from this illness on January 28, 1596 off the coast of Panama. Sir Francis Drake’s accomplishments cemented English dominance at sea.

What was Francis Drake searching for?

He discovered that Tierra del Fuego, the land south of the Magellan Strait, was not another continent as Europeans believed, but instead a group of islands. This meant that ships could sail between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans around the bottom of South America (later known as the Cape Horn route).

What was Sir Francis Drake searching for?

Sir Francis Drake Circumnavigates the Globe After plundering Spanish ports along the west coast of South America, Drake headed north in search of a passage back to the Atlantic. He claimed to have traveled as far north as 48° N (on parallel with Vancouver, Canada) before extreme cold conditions turned him back.

When did Christopher Drake set off on his expedition?

In 1577, Drake was secretly commissioned by Elizabeth I to set off on an expedition against the Spanish colonies on the American Pacific coast. He sailed with five ships, but by the time he reached the Pacific Ocean in October 1578 only one was left, Drake’s flagship the Pelican, renamed the Golden Hind.

What did James Drake do in the West Indies?

In 1570 and 1571, Drake made two profitable trading voyages to the West Indies. In 1572, he commanded two vessels in a marauding expedition against Spanish ports in the Caribbean. He saw the Pacific Ocean and captured the port of Nombre de Dios on the Isthmus of Panama.

How did Christopher Drake take revenge on the Spanish?

Drake’s reaction was a lifelong hatred of the Spanish. In the next few years, he took his revenge by plundering Spanish settlements, shipping, and gold-laden mule trains in Panama, sometimes teaming up with local pirates. He was a wealthy man when he returned to Plymouth in 1573.

When did Christopher Drake cross the Strait of Magellan?

By August 20, 1578, Drake and his fleet entered the Strait of Magellan, and crossed into the Pacific Ocean.5 It had taken Ferdinand Magellan a month to cross through the Strait; it only took Drake 16 days.6 It is around this time that Drake renamed his ship Golden Hind. The fleet then sailed north up the west coast of South America.

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